Susan Alena Vasquez
I'm a Christian middle aged wife and mother of two. I am also transgendered so some would place me in the male gender roles instead. I've been transgendered as long as I can remember.
I have spent my life dealing with this in some form. I have gone thru the full range of denial and acceptance. I spent time in counseling. I tried cold turkey. All those around me demanding I change. I really wanted to. I didn't want to be different. I ended my denial period with a suicide attempt. I began my acceptance thru "religion". I accepted Christ into my life. Those around me didn't change. I did. God loved me just the was I was and am. I began to love myself then others. I found out I was as much a woman as others told me I was a man. I am no longer bothered by those who judge. I am happy; they are miserable.
I would like to help others who are tired of the hatred of the world. It's a burden no one should have to carry. I don't have all the answers but we can certainly search for them.
Those who want a friend send me a note . Those who think they know the mind of God and feel compelled to tell me please do so with the Mercy and Grace Christ shows you in all the sins you commit daily.
I am a devout Christian. I like to fish for relaxation not competition and support "catch and release". I spend a lot of time loving on and teaching my children. I believe they are the most important responsibility in my life right now. I just like doing fun things whenever I can.
I have a wonderful spouse. She has supported me from the beginning. I have a daughter and a son. She is the oldest and is shy, intelligent and georgeous. He is the class clown but he is showing an intelligence that his outgowing personality covered for a while. I also have a great mother-in-law. Yes, it's true, the in-law jokes just don't apply here.
A picture is worth a thousnd words so here's a few grand.
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