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Service in the States October ’42 - June ‘44
*   Scott Field, Ill
*   Seymour-Johnson Field, 
*   Yale University,
       New Haven CT.

Service in the States June ‘44 – December ‘44
*   Yuma Army Air Field,
       Yuma, AZ
*   Lake Charles Army Air
       Base, LA
*   Hunter Field, Savanah,

ETO Jan'45 - May '45: 320th Bomber Group
*   England
*   France: First Tactical
       Air Force
*   443rd Bomber
*   Air Medal, DUC
*   Photographs

ETO May '45 - Home: 397th Bomber Group
*   598th Bomber Squadron
*   LT David L. Lobeck
*   The crash of
       B26G 44-67868
       "Kwitcher Bitchin'"

Family in Service
(Under Construction)

*   Curtis Seiley
*   Carl Seiley
*   Butch Seiley
*   John Seiley
*   A. M. Seiley
*   Mark Seiley

CPL R.E. Seiley at Lake Charles Army Air Base, November 1944
Dad at Lake Charles, LA
November 1944


R.E. Seiley during Air Cadet training, 1944Robert E. Seiley (August 15, 1922 - April 7, 1974)

 *  Radio Operators and Mechanics School, Scott Field,
      IL, April 1943
*  Flexible Gunnery School, Yuma Army Air Field, AZ,
     August 1944
*  Lake Charles Army Air Field, LA, November 1944
*  Hunter Field, Savanah, GA, December 1944
*  25 missions with 320th Bomb Group, 443rd squadron, at
     Dijon and Dole, 15 February - 1 May 1945
*  Medals: Air Medal/1 OLC, Distinguished Unit Citation,
     ATO, EAMETO, WWII Victory, Good Conduct.



This site is dedicated to my father, Robert Edward Seiley and my extended family.  A native of Louisiana, dad served in World War II in the European Theater of Operations (ETO) with the Army Air Forces (AAF) as a radio operator and gunner on the formidable Martin B-26 Marauder medium bomber.

This site is also dedicated to the many Maraudermen and other servicemen like my Uncles Carl and Curtis Seiley who served throughout the various theaters in the war, but especially the men who knew and served with my father. 

Some of these men, like First Lieutenant David L. Lobeck of Florida, gave the ultimate sacrifice during their service, supporting the pursuit of the freedom and prosperity my family enjoys today.


Over the past several years, my wife and I have become very interested in genealogy and family history.  During this time, I have become increasingly eager to gain a better appreciation for my heritage, especially the generations that immediately preceded me.  This also has much to do with the fact that my father passed away 30 years ago when I was a small boy, and I never knew him like I would like to have.  I have also had a longstanding interest in World War II history, in particular how my parents' generation rose so admirably to such an awful, unimaginable thing.

While moving my mother into a new apartment early in 2003, she gave me several large files full of family documents dating back to the 1930s.  Among these were a number of photographs of dad during the war, forms and certificates documenting his service, training, and awards, and a scrapbook that dad had put together covering his ETO AAF experiences in 1945.


I hope what relatively little information and photographs I have on this site somehow find their way to the families of the servicemen my father served with.  Knowing how important this kind of information has become to me, I would enjoy the privilege of sharing with those families, copies of what has been preserved for all these years. 

I also hope that any servicemen that knew dad might somehow find this site and contact me.  Or more likely perhaps, their families who remain just might have similar records they too uncover in a box or file folder that references a heretofore unknown “Robert E. Seiley.”

Sure would like to hear from you. 

UPDATE:  Since first publishing this site in 2003 I have had the great privilege to correspond and even meet several of the men my father served with.  What a thrill it has been, and continues to be.


I love research, but I am not a professional historian.  Please explore this site and enjoy it.  As you do, if you have a correction, suggestion, comment, or addition, please email me!



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