We are "Sea" & "Mangs", a pleasant environment devoted to spiritual development. "Dual Readings" given freely from the heart and spirit, which are unique and enlightening when spirit joins in. Reading, Chat (weekly), and Practice Reading Events. Like-minded spiritually good people welcome. 21 or older please.

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"May Your Spirit Dance"                                                                                                                                      

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   Hello & Welcome !

My name is SeaAira88, but everyone calls me "Sea", and my "Celestial Sister's" name is "Mangs". We are lightworkers. Together, and as a group, we provide for a pleasant, casual, and friendly environment, and are devoted to higher spiritual learning and development. Quite often, my spiritual sister and I provide "dual readings", which are certainly very unique in nature and given freely from the heart and spirit. It can genuinely make for an interesting and enlightening chatroom event, especially, when spirit joins in. We are presently holding Chat Night on a regular weekly basis, Reading Night Events, as well as Practice Reading Night Events. In an effort to get to know all of our members, and as an added benefit, we are also providing private comprehensive readings to every member, at a mutually agreed upon date and time. We have built what we call a "Links of Unity" exchange for the common purpose of uniting everyone with the same spiritual interests.

Our primary mission is to help others if we can, to surround ourselves with like-minded spiritually good people, and for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves along the way. We kindly ask for 21 years of age or older memberships only please.

Please cruise our site, then join our group if you feel drawn to do so. Everyone is a valued member. We look forward to continual growth, activity, and maintaining rewarding and lasting acquaintances.

Many Blessings & Happy Trails...



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