Welcome to Scooteroo's Home Page!
Welcome to my home page!  Feel free to take any pictures you want!  I hope you enjoy my page!  This is my first page, so take note that I am a begginer.  Thanx!
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Everything that's underlined is working.  I will try and work on my pages and add on pictures as much as possible!

I really encourage you to sign my g-bookie because I need to know what I need to do to improve my website!  Thanx!

Links: I have added some links to really cute websites, two of which belong to my friends.

Thanks for stoppng by! I hope you will enjoy your stay!

My friend sent this to me and I thought it was cute, so I put it on my home page. Give it a click.....
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Take a look at the pics from my Disneyland trip!  ~Click Here~
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