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Classmate Contact Infomation:
Mitchell & Michelle  (Evans) Arnold  email: drmitchellarnold@aol.com
Christy Lee Ashcraft
email:  clashcraft@bellsouth.net
NEW: Amy Bass email:  amy.bass@manheim.com
Kristie Ballew email: kristieballew@yahoo.com
Tonya Barfield
email: tonya74@bellsouth.net
John Barton
email: john@bartonsatlanta.com
Louie and Peggy (Bachmann) Beddingfield
email: patricksmom99@ivillage.com
New: Amy Bass email: amy.bass@manheim.com
Angela Bran
d email: ARBrand73@aol.com
      web site
: www.poetry.com (type "Angela Brand" in appropriate field)
Michelle Kimsey Brooks
email: wmamb@bellsouth.net
Barbie Eubanks Brown email: Barbie_brown@bellsouth.net
Michelle Crenshaw Boyce: 
email:  gmichelleboyce@yahoo.com
DeAnna Story Byer
s email: byerss@mindspring.com
UPDATE: Sheryl Cabalz
a email: sheryl975yahoo.com
Matt Cabrera
email: mdcfire926@cs.com
Kimberly Head Caldara
ro email: louis_kimberly@hotmail.com
Holly Todd Cantrel
l email:  hollycntrll@aol.com or too--member.services@mindspring.com
Bridgett Atkinson Castleber
ry email: Castleberrypatch@bellsouth.net website: www.willowleaf.net/castleberry/
Crystal Finney C
loer email:  cjcloer@bellsouth.net
Sherry Coleman email: sherry.rd@live.com
Lori Gray Cra
ig email:  fetus311@mindspring.com
Sarah Dainty email: Sarah.Dainty@CobbCounty.org
Christine Whiting Davi
s email: cdavisfindahome@yahoo.com
UPDATED:Rebecca Bruner Dear email: samsmom7@comcast.net
Mike Donahue email:
Kassie Oswalt
Dunham email:  smurfetteK@yahoo.com
Lisa Wadsworth Fau
lknor email: lfaulknor828@cs.com
Maia Fountain
email: Mfountain95@hotmail.com
NEW: Melody Stargel Fowler email: melody.fowler@ricoh-usa.com
Chris Gaddis
email:  candbgaddis@mindspring.com
Brandy Gallagher
email: brandy_wuz_here@yahoo.com
Kesha Broadnax Gates
email: kmgates@kw.com
Tami Parham George
email: tami@SouthernConcessions.com website:  www.sleepyhollowgs.org
Brett Graham
email: gdlboy73@yahoo.com
Wendy Bailey Graham
email: wgraham@paulding.k12.ga.us
Lisa Grier
email: AHEARTLIKEHIS131@aol.com
Karii Harrison
email: d_karii@hotmail.com
Atina Moran Hasty
email:  nathanhasty@msn.com
Craig Hatcher
email: nov16@bellsouth.net webpage:  www.hatcherteam.com
Jenna Hazlett
email:  Jennalouise@hotmail.com web page:  http://homepage.mac.com/jennalouise/
Karla Upchurch Hill
email: atomicstar73@yahoo.com
Leslie Holland
email: Lholland1@satx.rr.com
Derek Howell
email:  esotericderek@hotmail.com
NEW: Aubrey Jordan email: ajordan@toncee.com
Julie Braswell King
email:  juliebear73@yahoo.com
Roger & Brandy Labonte
email:  RBLabonte@aol.com
Warren Little
email: lowj1024@numail.org
Stephanie Freeman Lockridge
email:  Stephanie.Lockridge@gbi.state.ga.us
Crystal Swofford
Long email:  ccgraphics@mediaone.net
Laura Abston Ludwig
email:  lapaludwig@netzero.net
Nicole Pendleton Madden
email: VictorygbA@aol.com
Bryant Marshall
email: musicbryant@aol.com
Jeff McCollough
email: zxv2@cdc.gov
Katie Davis Merrill
email: hkmerrill@yahoo.com
Megan Moore
email:  sailedin1492@yahoo.com
Nick Patel
email:  nick_j_patel@yahoo.com
MaryAnn Staton Phipps
email: MaryAnn.Phipps@delta.com
Price email:  nate_price@yahoo.com 
Gene & Brittney (Brister) R
eynolds email: brittanyreynolds@comcast.com
UPDATED: Lon Roberts email:  lonr@myway.com
Heather Dressler Robe
rts email: hroberts73@mindspring.com
Matt Robe
rts email: mattro1@comcast.net
NEW: Shane Roberts email:  Shane455@vzw.blackberry.net
Jason Rubin
email: NYJason73@aol.com
Timekia Scott
email: timekia@hotmail.com
Nikki Pearson Shelton
email:  tns@crimbassler.com
Leah "Christie" Silver
email: silverdawg@juno.com website: http://geocities.com/christiesilver
New: Joy Griffith Singleton email: jsingleton@paulding.k12.ga.us
NEW: David Smelser email: dsmelser@bellsouth.net
Cedron Smith
email: cedron_smith@excite.com
Smith email: Bequade1@yahoo.com
Lindsey Green Smith
email:  Lindsmail25@yahoo.com
Pam Dutcher Smith
email:  smith487@bellsouth.net
Christy Spate
email:  christy0615@yahoo.com
Jimbo & Kristi (Roberts) Steele
email:  JSTEELE2@msn.com
Beth Streetman
email:  Beth_Streetman@yahoo.com
New: Suzanne Thomason email:  sthomason24@aol.com
Laurie Thompson-Earls
email: lthompsonearls@msn.com Website:  www.nellwalker.com
Coley Walsh
email:  cew1714@yahoo.com
UPDATE: Antonio "Tony" White email: Antonio_White@fc.dekalb.k12.ga.us
Angela Parham Whritenou
r email:  courage123199@yahoo..com web site:  www.SleepyHollowgs.org
Michelle Davis Wigley
email:  mwigley@mindspring.com
New:  Beth Carrell Williams email: 1bethwilliams@gmail.com
Wilson email:  jsnwils1@email.msn.com
Buddy Woodfin
email:  Charles.Woodfin@DFJCLR.FALCONJET.com
If you would like your email posted or if you need to update your information email
Christie Silver.


Kelly and Tami Parham George's 2nd child:
Born: December 25, 2005 Name: Clinton Wyatt

Joe and Crystal Finney Cloer's 2nd Child:
Born: October 11, 2005  Name: Annmarie Louise

Skip and Megan Moore Haralson's 1st Baby:
Born: September 21, 2005  Name:  Benjamin Reid

Mac and Kristie Ballew Pilgrim's Twins:
Born: June 21, 2005
Emily Carolyn Faye
Ryan Kristian

Keith and Stephanie Freeman Lockridge's 1st Baby:
Born:  June 9, 2005   Name:  Henslee

? and Michelle Kimsey Brooks' Twins:
Born:  March 29, 2005 Names:  Jake and Hunter

Megan Moore and Skip Haralson
Married:  February 19, 2005

Kevin and Bridget Atkinson Castleberry's 3rd Baby:
Born:  January 17, 2005   Name:  Bryson Emory

Our THOUGHTS and PRAYERS go to the family and friends of:

Keith Folds 1974-2003

John Martin 1974-2004

Our THOUGHTS and PRAYERS go to the family of Lori Bachmann Schaufert whose son, Aaron Lee, passed away.
November 14, 2003-December 6, 2003
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