Captain Anorak's Guide to Gaming
The writing and running of roleplaying, war, board and other games played by spods.

Greetings, puny mortals. I am the being known to you as Captain Anorak. Welcome to my domain. As you may have divined from my name, I am a fat, balding, obsessive, male gamer with specs, a beard and no girlfriend. A true Anorak indeed! I started roleplaying when I was about eleven (the mid-1980s) and I started writing my own games not long after that, so I now have nearly two decades of experience of writing games. My brain is vastly superior in size and power to that of the average troglodytic inhabitant of our planet.

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Miskatonic Mating - online mating service
Visit HPL Sauce - a place of Lovecraftian silliness.

The Tower of the Obsidian Prince, by Lot Smordyce.
Memory Lane - Self-indulgent reminiscences.
Dungeons & Dagons, or Call of Cthulhu for wankers.
The Bestiary.
The Orc Language.
The Don'ts of Roleplaying - a tirade of rants.
What makes a good RPG?
Musings of a roleplaying fundamentalist.
Overview of writing games.
Choice of missions.
Don't reinvent the wheel!
Risk versus Fudging - fixed rules or the GM's judgement?
The Big Rant - what I really want.
Critiques of published games.

Roleplaying Realms
The Realm of Consistency
The Realm of World Background
The Realm of Game Mechanics
The Realm of GMing Technique, Scenarios and Campaigns
Common Offences against Sanity

Gaming Spheres - Yet to be written
The Sphere of Live Roleplaying - only one article here so far.
The Sphere of Boardgames
The Sphere of Wargames.
The Sphere of Card Games

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