Howdy. My story began in Nacogdoches, Texas, in the area called "The Big Thicket." It's hard not to have the cowboy way of life influence you if you grew up in Texas. After all, Texas is where cowboys got their start more than a hundred years ago.

As a public speaker I have performed at Cowboy Gatherings and other special events. You will find my work in a variety of books and magazines over the years. Some of these include: Books The Lazy B by Hon. Sandra Day O'Connor, American Food Festivals by Becky Mecuri, The Big Roundup by and A Little Bit Of Texas my own cowboy poetry book. Magazines and newspapers include: The Wyoming Companion University of Wyoming, Rope Burns Academy Of Western Artists, The American Quarter Horse Journal, American Cowboy and a Cowboy History And Performing Society (C.H.A.P.S.) cowboy poetry anthology CD. My other CD's include, In God's Hands, Cowboy Christmas Mem'ries, Yep, A Little Bit More Of Texas, and The Big Roundup Vols. 1 and 2 at Awards include: 1st Lariat Laureate of, a Robert W. Service Award, an H.G. Wells writing award and I was honored to have been a contributing author to The Big Roundup which won the Best Cowboy Poetry Book for the year 2001. I am proud that my book A Little Bit Of Texas received a Will Rogers Medallion for 2003 from the Academy Of Western Artists.

The main thing, however, is that you enjoy the presentations here as we revisit the most uniquely American character in our history, The American Cowboy. Thanks for stopping by pardner..

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