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promoting world peace and united hashing by getting drunk at as many different hashes as possible around the globe
Pictures? We got your stinkin picutres
guide to specific hashes, or, will they think I'm weird if I show up naked?
upcoming events, rego's and announcements
meet the Road Whores...some  humor and whatever else I deem fit to put there
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where ya gonna' carry yo'self to this weekend ?
Road Whores?  Who the hell are the Road Whores?  Not only do you know who we are, you may even be one of us.  We're a loose concoction of hashers from all over that go, well, all over.  For Road Whores it's all about the away-hashes.  We drive.  We fly.  We come from near and far.  We hit camp hashes, event hashes, anniversary hashes, Nash hashes, Interhashes, red/blue/green dress hashes and hashes just because they're there.  We run in the light, in the dark, under full moons and new moons.  We run in the sun, the rain, the snow and the fog.  We do shiggy trails, street trails, pub-crawls, fat boys and hangover runs.  You send out the announcement, we show up.  Hell we also show up uninvited.  We'll greet you like a brother when we see you for the first time in a year.  We do our damnedest to perpeturate  all the great stories and lies of the hash.  Wemay be from Tampa, Little Rock, Dayton Anchorage, well, you get the idea...
You want one of the "when you've already slept with everyone in your own hash" t-shirts huh? email
So what's the point of all this?  Well the goal of associating all the Road Whores together is pretty basic.  Hopefully the web-site will actually serve a use. 
The life of a Road Whore isn't always easy.  We lose stuff, we leave stuff, we want stuff, we need stuff.. 
We want to find a picture of the guy shooting a bottle rocket out of his ass.  We can't remember who we slept with Saturday night.
We need a way to co-ordinate who can swing by and pick us up in Atlanta on the way to DC.
We're cheap and we want to share a hotel room.
  We've got a long layover in Dallas and wanna kow if there's another hasher to get drunk in the airport bar with.
  All sorts of information is out there, just waiting for a home.  Not to mention all the event information that we pimp out or just pull straight from hero to the traveling hasher,
Flying Booger's Half-Mind Catalog.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, You're just here cause you want one of the t-shirts..  The goal is to keep this pretty up to date, but I do have a real  Please, if you've got trash or pic's send em.  I promise to get whatever is emailed within 48 hours.  Just e-mail to bitch and/or moan or send me anything you need
On Out
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