Welcome to the Rurouni Kenshin RPG homepage!

Do you like RPGs but don’t understand the first thing about the Dice System? Does your head reel everytime one of your Dungeons and Dragons fan friends tries to explane stat-sheets to you?  Do you just wish you where a RK character?  Then you’ve come to the right place!

Here is where you will discover a brand new world of RPGing.  Please, take a look at “Info” to see how to play. In “Members” you can discover who is played by who and also some information about new characters.  In “Signup” you can find a link to sign up for the yahoogroups rpg group! (I advise not getting it sent by email since there will be many many messages.  Just stop by the forum and check the new messages daily!) and in “Contact” you can find my email address and other helpful links. Finnaly in “Links” you can find wonderful links to other RK websites and also other various sorces for RK information!

Have fun!

~Neko (GM)

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