Riot & Jem's Tape Trading


Have you found something on my page that you want
but don' t have anything to trade? I have a solution to your
problem. I will trade for DVDs, VHS and CDs that I want. On this page
you will find a list of DVDs, VHS and CDs that I am wanting. The items
MUST be SEALED. For every five tapes that you get I will get a
DVD, VHS or CD. I get to pick.

If you are wanting to trade an item from this list for a set of
tapes a good place to find them is Media Play or

I can accept DVDs from the following Regions 1, 2, 3, and 4
 as long as they are in English and that I can remove the subtitles.
An * Means that I really want the item. Here is the list:

1) Silver Moon CD
Artist: Michael Nesmith

2) Papa Nez: A Loose Salute To The Work Of Michael Nesmith CD
Artist: Michael Nesmith

4) The Kids From The Brady Bunch CD *

5) Daydream Believers - The Monkees Story DVD

6) Bloodlust/Atom Age Vampire DVD *

7) Beauty And The Beast (Disney's Version) CD *

8) Powerpuff Girls: Down 'N Dirty DVD

9) Powerpuff Girls: Meet The Beat-Alls

10) The Graduate (Dustin Hoffman) DVD

11) The Powerpuff Girls: Bubblevicious VHS *

12) Powerpuff Girls: Dream Scheme VHS *

13) Powerpuff Girls: Monkey See, Doggie Do VHS

14) I Love Lucy Season One Volume One DVD *

15) I Love Lucy Season One Volume Two DVD *

16) I Love Lucy Season One Volume Three DVD *

17) I Love Lucy Season One Volume Four DVD *

18) I Love Lucy 50th Anniversary Special DVD *

19) The Munsters' Revenge DVD

20) Munster, Go Home! DVD

21) Disney's Sleeping Beauty (Full Screen/Standard Screen) *

22) Disney's Cinderella (Full Screen/Standard Screen)

23) Disney's Little Mermaid DVD

24) Disney's Lady And The Tramp

25) Beauty And The Best Broadway Cast CD *

26) Snoopy The Musical VHS *

27) It Was My Best Birthday Ever, Charlie Brown VHS *

28) It's The Pied Piper, Charlie Brown DVD

29) Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown VHS *

30) A Boy Named Charlie Brown VHS *

31) This Is America Charlie Brown, The Birth Of The Constitution VHS *

32) Why, Charlie Brown, Why? VHS

33) The Charlie Brown And Snoopy Show Volumes 1-9

34) Is This Goodbye, Charlie Brown? *

35) Happy New Year, Charlie Brown *

36) The Charlie Brown Double Features (9 In All)



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