Welcome to the future, brother.
-- Magneto to Senator Kelly, X-Men The Movie
A note about the stories. I've been something of an X-Men fan for years, but have never follwed the comics (although friends do and they tend to keep me fairly up to date). However, after seeing the movie I was intrigued.

That being said, it is a safe assumption that most of the stories listed below are in the movieverse, rather than comic (or even cartoon, geez knows I watched it enough when I was younger). It is also safe to assume that some of these stories contain some sort of spoilers for X-Men and X2. However these stories will be marked either XM or X2.

  • Acts of Love
    • Please Remember 7.23 K
      Scott watches over Jean after a mission goes wrong. Death story, kinda sorta.

    • If Only 12.51 K
      Jean's reaction to Scott's death. Features comic-ish canon Bobby.

  • Conflict and Friction 4.83 K
    Jean's thoughts after she leaves Logan's room the first night. Set during XM.

  • Finding Comfort 11.4 K
    Bobby tries to avoid his demons and finds out sometimes comfort can come from an unexpected place. Post X2.

  • Hope 5.99 K
    Scott thinks about hope for the future, and the trials of the past. Minor spoilers for the XM and follows background established in the novelization.

  • Lamentation 16.46 K
    Bobby mourns the loss of his best friend. Comicverse.

  • Points of View 7 K
    In class one day, Rogue thinks about what she learned from Logan, and how it applies to some of the others at the school. Set after XM.

  • Quiet Turmoil 3.49 K
    My first X-Men story. Late at night, Scott sits with Professor Xavier. Set during XM.

  • Unexpected Kinship
    • Everything Changes 15.32 K
      Rogue is upset by a letter from home, and comfort comes from an unexpected source.

    • Smoke and Mirrors 24.2 K
      Rogue and Scott continue to talk, and Logan questions her about the change.

    • A Shoulder to Lean On 44.33 K
      Rogue overhears a falling out between Scott and Jean, and the aftereffects.

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