Is it really so unbelievable, me and Sam?
-- John Grant, The House That Jack Built

I'm a Believer. In case you don't know what that term stands for, I write SJR. Stories that involve Sam and John in either a romantic relationship or at the least a deep friendship.

  • The Art of Compromise 4.4 K
    Sometimes it's all in how you negotiate the deal.

  • The Becca Series
    • New Year's Dance 6.79 K
      John finds Sam working on New Year's Eve and they share a dance.

    • Resolutions 10.6 K
      Sam confronts John about why he ran out the night before, and learns a surprising secret. Continues the story from New Year's Dance.

    • Letting Go 11.2 K
      Over a month into their new relationship, Sam tries to help John through a tough time. Continues the story from New Year's Dance and Resolutions.

  • Birthday Surprises
  • But I Do 13.5 K
    John and Sam attempt to share a meal together, but something keeps coming up...

  • Complete 24.3 K
    John and Sam have an argument during a case and Jack decides he should help Sam by getting rid of John. Sam must confront her feelings for John.

  • Don't Forget Me 20.2 K
    John tries to run away from his feelings for Sam and in the end, brings them closer together.

  • The Happiest Christmas 20.4 K
    A Christmas story with a twist. Sam, shopping on Christmas Eve, finds a six year old boy at the mall -- one who calls himself Johnny O'Doyle.

  • I'll Never Let You Go
    • John's Thoughts 9.3K
      While spending a quiet evening together with Sam, John remembers how they became a couple.

    • Sam's Memories 11.9K
      While spending a quiet evening together with John, Sam looks back on the event that helped them become a couple.

  • In Another's Eyes
    • When She Cries 6 K
      John's thoughts after he leaves Sam at the bar. Set late in Into The Abyss.

    • When He Leaves 7 K
      Sam's thoughts after John leaves the bar. Set late in Into The Abyss.

  • In The End 56.2 K
    What would it take to get Sam back to Atlanta?

  • Leaving 4.51 K
    Sometimes the end isn't what we expect. NOT a happy fic.

  • Memories 26 K
    After a day out with Sam and Chloe, John is in a car wreck.

  • The More Things Change... 34.9 K
    Sam's been gone for over four years -- have things changed too much to go back?

  • Nothing He Wouldn't Do 22 K
    Sam holds back from admitting how she feels about John because of Jack. What will it take to make her admit how she feels?

  • Safe From The Storm 9.55 K
    Sam and John spend a stormy evening together, and confront their feelings.

  • Season One Missing Scenes
    • Action and Reaction 7.8 K
      A 'Night Dreams' missing scene - how Sam came to be at the hospital after John was shot.

    • Charade 4.2 K
      A 'The House That Jack Built' missing scene - Sam's reaction what happens to John.

    • In His Eyes 3.16 K
      A 'Doppleganger' missing scene - Sam's reaction to John's story about Marco.

  • Sick Days 17.5 K
    When Sam gets sick, John plays nurse. But how well would he handle getting sick, too? Humor.

  • A Small Consolation 105 K
    A Profiler/X-Files Crossover
    When a string of kidnapings and murders hit Atlanta, the VCTF seeks to find the killer. Meanwhile, Mulder has been having strange dreams... Can he and Scully work with Sam and the VCTF to catch the killer before he strikes again?

  • That Moment 12.7 K
    The night Sam leaves Atlanta, John goes to his cabin to think.

  • Tickle Thearpy 8.3 K
    Sam and John have a tickle fight late one night.

  • Turning Point 16.1 K
    Finding some old photographs brings back old memories for Sam.

  • Untrodden Ways
    • Regrets 8.43 K
      Plagued by dreams, Sam rethinks her decision to leave Atlanta - two years later.

    • Consequence 14.6 K
      Samís call to John sets things into motion in Atlanta.

  • Wonderful Journey 8.3 K
    Sam reflects on her relationship with John.

  • You'll Be With Me 322 K
    Sam and John develop a relationship slowly -- the story of their life together. 5 oout of 5 hankey warning according to my beta reader.

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