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Hello Gentle traveler, my name is Raven Shadowwinds, though I am oft referred to as Lady Raven. Let me regale you with a bit about myself here on my personal webpage... As Lady Raven...I am the sovereign of my own mental, emotional and intellectual kingdom - both in the real world and in the flights of whim and fantasy for which I am well noted. As a christian, I must always be truthful, and so I must make this small confession...If one were so inclined, one could do a search of personal records and telephone numbers nationwide and I am sure you would not find a single listing under such a name. This is because Raven Shadowwinds is an author's professional pen name, one that I chose a long time ago to reflect certain aspects of my fanciful personality. As a freelance writer/author, it is natural that I might want to use this personal webpage to provide my readers and others who are interested a personal glimpse of myself. Many authors and freelance writers have such sites.

I also use "Lady Raven" and "Raven Shadowwinds" online as a pseudonym to protect my personal privacy, in some cases these are the only names which people recognise in relation to me. This webpage is also for my online contacts to gain some personal insight about me also. But I do not wish to give so much information on this homepage that I find you on my doorstep unannounced. Likeable though I am sure you are, I must both protect my own privacy and that of the royal family (my wee ones) in all circumstances. Thus you will not be getting any identifying information or dna samples...and I do believe you will live without having that knowledge. If our relationship progresses past that of author/reader or online chat buddies, I may reveal my true identity to you.

My friend, it is not my intent to be rude or inconsiderate, that is not Lady Raven's way..I am a christian after all. Instead it is my intent to safeguard my real life information by remaining safely anonymous...but yet with my pen name, Raven Shadowwinds, I will not be "faceless" to my readers. Rest assured that just as every other pen name is linked to a real person, so is this one. I just do not feel comfortable revealing just which real person I am to people with whom I have no prior relationship.

Since I am not out to decieve anyone, the personality portrayed on my personal webpage is a consummate glimpse of myself in my most pure and unadulterated form. Here on my homepage I am without the bounderies imposed by vocation, economic circumstance, fashion trends, peer pressure or society in general. Not that all of these things are evil...they may not be...however they will at times prevent an individual from expressing themselves completely. So now it is possible that you are sitting here with a truer glimpse of me than those who have interacted with me on a daily basis. If this is something you can accept and work with, then I welcome you as a friend.

So who is Lady Raven? I am an eccentric, indeed. If you have no prior knowledge of me, let me tell you about myself. I am a gothic person, and a christian...and yes one can be both christian and gothic. I am a creative writer and freelance author, (published in both secular and sacred venues). I write mostly poetry and biographical or humourous essays, though I am in the midst of the "great american novel" at any given time. I'm not by any means the most well known author in the world, but I like to believe I have what it takes to be so one day.

I am also an artist (award winning, but not prolific). My art is mostly in charcol and black and white, though I have dabbled in chalk and oil paints. Like most artists, I don't earn a living with my work. I am learning some skills on the computer to digitally change or enhance my art work, but in general I prefer to do it the old fashioned way.

I'm also a photographer, though to me that is also another name for artist. I am employed by a photography company and I also freelance. In my freelance work I prefer black and white film, choosing subjects such as old or historic buildings, churches, graveyards and portraits. I do use colour film occasionally when I do portraits and my other favourite venue, trees and sunset combinations. I love being a photographer, though eventually I wish to do it all freelance. Here again, I have chosen to learn to digitally enhance or change my work some. Sometimes the effect is quite nice. However, I still prefer to just shoot what I see and present it the way it was processed.

In addition to all of this I have alot of distinctive hobbies and interests that define me as a person. I am an amateur web tinkerer, internet research buff, voracious reader, dreamer, gothic princess, avid health nut, philosopher wanna-be, amateur historian, libertarian, mother of two, and self appointed "know it all" with her own personal style of fashion. ((Smiles)) And that is just the surface my friend.

If you wish to explore my personal life and loves further, please come inside my personal homepage. Within this website you will be given links to information regarding my favourite places to vist (most of them have renn faires), my hobbies (along with do it yourself hints), my personal appearance (along with some hints and bloviating about the current world of fashion styles), reflections on my life (various biographical essays on my beliefs and experiences), things I regard as simple pleasures (and the answer to why all my furniture is covered in chenille or velvet), my beliefs (christian beliefs, political beliefs and other misc beliefs in no particular order), my life experiences and links to my blogs and livejournal. And along the way you may find various other things you may or may not enjoy. If you find the links to anything broken please notify me immediately so I can fix the problem and relieve the annoyance of fellow travelers.

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