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Since January 2000
Last updated on the 8th January, 2004
Welcome to the site devoted to the Alfetta Sedan. In my search for information I have discovered that this type of vehicle has received almost no coverage on the web with most attention being devoted to the more famous Alfetta Coupe, especially the GTV and GTV6. The Coupe's hatch styling has never really appealed to me and with the right modifications the sedan can look both aggressive and "classic" at the same time.

This site aims to give an overview of the Alfetta sedan from it's history, standard features, pros, cons, the driving experience and what can be achieved through tasteful modifications of both the body and especially engine and drivetrain. Diehard
"Alfisti" may feel that some of what is covered is general knowledge but those new to the marque do need to be catered for.

Highly technical information will not be a feature of this site as I do not pretend to have the mechanical knowledge to cover this topic. EXCELLENT links will be provided to sites and individuals who can solve any technical query imaginable. Tech detail which I have knowledge about will be covered though.

I will constantly add updates as my own project develops from it's current state of infancy to a completely restored and modified Alfetta (hopefully!!!!).

Rather than explain myself on every page, all my comments are based on my
1977 and 1979 model Alfettas unless otherwise specified. Both are 5-speed manuals with the classic Alfa 2 litre twin cam engine fed through twin DellOrto carburettors.
Recent Updates
Please take the time to read about recent changes to the site and changes for the future.
(8/01/04) Pics from Concorso 2003 in the "Modified" + "Other Alfa's"galleries

(8/01/04) Two new cars added to the "Small Body" gallery

Click here to see my 105 Giulia GTV TWIN SPARK

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