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When Pete and Tim asked me to write an introduction to their web site I was thoroughly shocked, frightened even. Sure, I have written introductions before and I’m fairly good at it, but this was Pete and Tim! How could I possibly fit all my deep, passionate feelings for Pete and Tim into a five hundred-word essay? It took me a while to get over this trepidation. What follows is my attempt to convey my deep respect for Pete and Tim. Please keep in mind that there is no way that the English language could sum up how I feel for Pete and Tim….

I’ve been writing professionally for nearly thirty years, and in those thirty years I have not seen two human beings as naturally talented as Pete and Tim are. They write with such poise. Their grammar is fantastic. They possess a keen knowledge of the English language that would make Webster blush in humiliation. Most importantly, they seem to have a grasp on what the world finds humorous, unlike many of those in my profession, including me. These two incredible young men are, in my opinion, what the Lord was thinking of when he created man.

But it goes deeper than that. Sure they’re talented beyond all belief and that’s wonderful, but it’s their humble attitudes that makes them the great men that they are. They always have time for the lessors of the word. I remember one instance a few years back when Tim, while speaking to a crowd outside his American Literature class, was approached by a beggar. This beggar interrupted Tim rudely and asked for a bit of change.  Tim could have lambasted this elderly man with his formidable vocabulary, utterly humiliating him, but instead he paused and gave the man what he wanted. It was quite a moment. I cried even, and I am not an emotional man. There are many of these instances that I could recite to you portraying the unimaginable kindness of these two young men but I wouldn’t want to clutter up this essay with sappiness.

I would like to conclude the introduction by saying that I love Pete and Tim. They are like fathers to me. They have influenced me more than any other humorist. I wish I could repay them for all they have done for my career and me but I am just a man… and Pete and Tim are gods.

Dave Barry
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