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The Beginning
Hi I am Rachel, I from Missouri and I suffer from Chronic Fatigue syndrome(CFIDS),Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain syndrome. As of November 26th 2001 I'll be 18. I believe I would be lost if it wasn't for research and my mom...thank you Mom. I want to thank everyone who have been supportive of my work online all these years. I could have not done it without you guys. I want to thank all the people who use to be on my Electronic email list Lifelink and thank you to the Egroup FMS-CFIDS-MCS-education for taking on my members after I "retired" my list. As I begin to get older and come to terms with begining my own life I have not be able to keep up with advocacy and unfortunetly here lately there hasn't been much new to advocate. CFS and FMS information has really slowed down. It doesn't help that geocities has now become a pain to work with. But I will always keep this site open even if I can no longer update it, I hope you all understand. Thanks so much for coming here. Warmest regards, ~Rachel
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