~If Only~

If only you could just once feel the way i feel
if only you would open your heart to me as i have
tryed to with you . if only the sight of me could bring a smile
to you fance as it dose when i see you. If only you
would love me as much as i do you.
But if only  i could realize that i cant make you love me
if only i could realize that if you dont love me by now
you never will but what can i do, i cant help but love you.

Im always there. when he wants me,
And when he dosent im still there
waiting, i always believe him , everything
he says And if he lies
Im still there hoping
i always think of him
always hope he'll do the same
And when he dosent
Always im still there
And even though he dosent
care anymore I'll still be there hoping wating

Im Frustrated because i cant tell if its real
Frustrated because i dont know how you feel , im
Frustrated beacuse we didnt talk last night
Frustrated beacuse we cant make things right
Frustrated beacuse theres no trust
Frustrated beacuse i know i need you night and day
Frustrated beacuse i cant have things my way
Frustrated beacuse i cant make you understand
Frustrated beacuse i can feel your touch
Frustrated beacuse i miss you so much
Frustrated beacuse i cuz we cant betogether
Frustrated beacuse i 'll love you forever.
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