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The current mood of strawberrysh0rtcake88@yahoo.com at www.imood.com ~~~Sep-21-02~~~ YEYEY the winnie rost is tomm! im gonna get FUCKED up lol, my dad got me 4 tickets! i only asked for one!! anyways theres only 3 days till my b-day! and my mom got me the Rainbow Brite jecket from Hot Topic.com and its going to be here on my b-day! yeyeyey damn i was drunk as fuck last night lol i only took like 3 shots and had a few beers! eh im a light wight anyways its ok. anyways im going to find me a cute lil punk guy at the winnie rost tomm! im sick of going out with guys who make me listen to rap music all the time. and walk talk and act like "That" anyways wills thats it for now l8er oXoXoXo ~~~Sep-17-02~~~ Why thank u rainbowdreamz!! my-bay is in like a week i think? i donno all the days seem the same to me now lol. wow i really need to blog more! anyways ive had it up ^ to here with men... or should i say boys! ive made a promise to my stuff that im never going to let another "boy" make a fool of me again! im going to use guys instade of them using me! im sick of geting my heartbroken! and im sick of being all depressed over some asshole...im to young for this shit! anyways damn that GED shit is fuckin no fun at all, i mean i cant remember a damn thing from skool, i mean i havent been in skool in a long long time. anyways this is going to be a VERY long year for me! 17? being 17 sucks cuz all year all im going to think about is turing 18! i get my car when i trun 18, i can by smokes, AND i can go clubing, well i mean i can go clubing now but i have to lie about my age and have a friend get me in. but anyways ill blog l8er when i have more to say lol oh yea big shout out to my new sEx sleave Justin! luv ya babe! lol oXoXoXo ~~~Sep-12-02~~~ god.. dont you just hate those weeks that just same to get worst as the week gose on? alright so me and my ex-boyfriend are having one of those "i give u back ur stuff if you give me back mine" things, and it sucks, and like i made the misket of telling him that i got him a tredy bear a long time ago and now he wants it, what the hell? why would he want something that i got for him when we were still together now? and he isnt even being nice about things , he just has to be an asshole about anything dosent he? just so he can hurt me even more! its like ive giving this boy everything in the world and never asked him for a damn thing and he cant even be nice about things?! asshole, as long as i find something to take my mind off of him ill be fine! oXoXoXo ~~~Sep-9-02~~~ ahhhhhhhh.... do the words I HATE MEN mean anything? no wait i hate lil boys who THINK there men! alright so i stayed @ my ex boyfriendss house for like 3 days last week... not a very good idea... asshole.. thats all i have to say... ASSHOLE...but anyways WOHA! cant wait till my b-day! my mom is geting me like everything rainbow brite from hottopic.com! YEY me! i cant wait and im geting MONEY! $$$ money is a ravers best friend! man oh man last thursday night SUCKED i was stuck at my ex bf house and i didnt have a ride home and i had to leave cuz his FAT and ugly sis was coming home that night and she dosent like me cuz she thinks that im fucking her man... ew i dont think so and my asshole of an ex bf took two pills and got all fucked up so i had to walk my happy ass all the way down to this middle skool at 12:00 at night crying my eyes out (and this is not the side of town u want to be walking down the street alone) so that my friends could pick me up, but then they gave me a free pill so the night turned out ok, i guess , but god knows im NEVER ever going to go out with that asshole again!

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oXoXoXo ~~~Sep-2-02~~~ Yey me my b-day is this month! 17 years old... damn im geting old... cant wait till im 18, thats going to be the best b-day ever! so anyways... wow this weekend has been really long, went to a rave friday night, i got to met Baby Anne, she was really cool! and she put on a good show! yey and my best bud was there , yey drew im so happy that ur feeling better! parties just wont the same with out you! then saturday night me and my friend lara got fucked up on the phoun together, she did some pills and so did i, that was pertty funny! then last night... damn...Coricidin is my new best friend...damn i was fucked up... lol. so pertty much i had a good weekend! anyways so i think im going to give up on new cute guy, i mean the only time i could see him is if rachel would take me over there all the time with her and god knows that isnt going to happen , and anyways old cute ex boyfriend calls me everyday he just called me and asked me to go swimming with him , but i dont know if thats really going to happen anyways, but yea i think im going to go back out with him.... that is if he EVER asked me back out! good god he takes forever to ask someone out! oh well. l8er....:-) oXoXoXo ~~~August-31-02~~~~ the word pissed has a HOLE new meaning to me now, damnit i was told yesterday that i would get to go over to my friends house so that i can see cute guy, and talk to him and stuff but NOOO "there was no room in the care" bull shit! i cuold have sat on his lab, or me and him could have just stayed at her b/f's house while they go to the mall, now that would have worked! but no , NO ONE every listiens to me! if she didnt want me to go then she just should have say so.... damn .. i hate people.... she better take me over there tomm night damnit. anyways i wanna give a VERY *HAPPY B-DAY* to my best Renee' happy sweet sixteen! i hope this year is great for you! anyways one good thing about this weekend that hasnt SUCKED was that i got to go to a rave thid weekend! yey me and i met Baby Anne, shes a very kool chic, very nice and a great Dj! it was alot of fun! yey drew is back , raving just wasnt the same with out him! he always make the party more fun! luv ya bebe! anyways im going to go about my night being pissied and hopeing that get to see cute dude soon! oXoXoXo ~~~August-27-02~~~~ wow its been a while... well just a few weeks... so i didnt go to the football game, watch means i didnt see my ex. which truns out to be a good thing! i ended up met a really cute guy :-) yey me BUT theres just one big problem! it seems that my other ex wants to get back together with me... now ive been wating to get back together with this boy for 4 months now i dont know what to do! do i go with new cute guy? or old sweet ex boyfriend? DAMNIT most likey ill end up going back out with my ex cuz damn i luv that boy, but it feel nice to know that for once i have a choice! things never work out like this for me, and DAMN it feels good! oXoXoXo ~~~August-19-02~~~~ ahhh... had a very long weekend!!!! and i made a VERY big misstake (sp?) but im not going to get into that! anyways haha everyones back in school!HAHA! i can now say that i NEVER EVER have to go back to the hellhole they call highschool! *evilSmile* damn i have to go to court tomm..... :-( i HATE court , all u do is still there for hours and listen to other shit people have done tell they call ur name then u have to kiss the juges ass and hope that he dosent make u pay a fine or anything... and to top it off i have to wake up at the crack ass of dawn! damnit ... oXoXoXo ~~~August-16-02~~~~ i hate slow bitches... if you havent heard my g-book take a look at what that one bitch had to say , "dosent raveing mean you do alot of drugs" what the hell is that shit?! no raveing dose not mean you "do alot of drugs" ok if this chic had said that she didnt like my page or that it sucked i wont have cared but that shit about raveing just pissed me off. god.. but anyways so yesterday i went to go look for a job YEY me for geting off my ass! and i ran into so old sk8er friends of mine, and we did all kinds of crazy shit... ahhh i luv me some sk8ters , best kinda people in the world! we got kicked out some places , ran from some "rant a cops"...yea it was fun.anyways ive been enjpying the rain for the past few days.. unlike most people i luv the rain.. dont know why always have. anyways well i wanna wish my best good lucky on her 1st day at the hell hole Vance! good luck gurl ... its really not THAT bad ur'll make it! oXoXoXo ~~~August-14-02~~~~ HAHA it always feels good to tell off an old asshole of a ex boyfriend, ahh i feel alot better now :-) really i think every gurl should try it! lol anyways another bording day...ahhh.. most ..do...something.. can...nor...sit....on....ass...much....longer....AH.... TaTa oXoXoXo ~~~August-13-02~~~~ i hate guys now , i really do, they never answer the phoun, they come back after a year of not talking to you and breaking your heart and acting like its all ok and shit. AH! but anyways if i have to sit home for one more night i think i might go crazy, anyways im being to think that dreama is going to follower me wherever i go, slow people talking shit about me , and i dont even know them and they really dont know a damn thing about me, where do they get off talking shit about me and they dont even know me, they think that just cuz they,ve heard shit about me that its all true and that they have the right to talk to tell people not to hang out with me , cuz im a "bad person"! whatever. this is why i hate highskool and its why im happy not to be going back. thank god oXoXoXo ~~~~August-12-02~~~ Hey hey never had a blog Be4 , i love this layout isnt it cute? anyways well it dosent really look like im going to be going to CPCC anytime soon, havent studyed and singed up yet, i bet i wont even go till im 18 eh oh well a year goes by fast anyways. Damn im geting lazy as shit. sad isnt it? anyways so i have to find something to do for a year besides siting on my ass and smokeing all day , i need a job , ive tryed finding one but i havent had much luck yet. YEY the winnie rost is coming soon, thats always fun and seeing as in how i get in for free its even better :) oXoXoXo .

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