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My Birthday is in April!

Hi friends this little page just barely shows the tip of the "Megan-burg". She is into lots and lots of stuff- most of which springs from her magnificent imagination. Meg really knows how to have fun. She is always sending one of the 101(imaginary)puppies to work or church with Mom or Dad and sometimes a couple pups will visit her grandparents.
Speaking of grandparents; Megan's middle name is Louise- which came down through at least 7 generations on her Dad's side. The name seems to carry with it tendencies of being opinionated, stubborn, willful and most of all very loving. If Meg sets her mind one way or another- she'll find a way, and she is not shy about letting anyone know what she thinks. You will know how much Meg loves you if she is in the mood for giving a big hug and sweet little kiss. She is still learning just how much God loves her - but her Mom and Dad, who love her beyond imagining, always remind her " God loves each of us way,way more than that."
It has to be more than a quirk that this background she picked is by "Imamonkey" because Meg is a monkey. We never are sure what is coming up next with Megan or if it is real or pretend- we usually try to play along (which is sometimes hard for grownups) since all too soon Megan's childhood will be a fleeting memory. She is good at remembering though, so we hope she has a lot of happy ones. She choose some pics to share our family fun times with you.

meg/deckrail meg&fish

I like to stretch out ON the deck(rail).
The fish tank helps us enjoy nature all the time.


My first Ocean City vacation in 1998


Hey goat those are MY shorts -go get your own food
I love my snap jammies
Doug & me in the Storybook Forest.

dadreadtome meg/momsleep


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