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My sister and I adore hamsters a lot. I had my first two hamsters at the age of 17. They belong to the Syrian Family. Presently, both of us are keeping dwarf hamsters. They are all very cute and adorable.

I have 3 dwarf hamsters belonging to the Sapphire Family. They are Scar (male), Spot (female) and Honey (female baby of Scar and Spot). I lost one Black Bear hamster named Socks (female) on 16th May 2000.

My sister has 3 dwarf hamsters as well. They are Winter (male), Pearl (female) and Elvis (male baby of Winter and Pearl). However, her hamster belong to the Winter White and Pearl White Family. Both Winter and Pearl got their names from the type of family they came from.

We would like to share our knowledge of these cute furry animals with everyone out there. Moreover, the breeding of these animals are so fast and we would like to look for good homes for the babies.

Please contact us if you are interested or you can leave your email address with us:

Our Email Address: petglory@hotmail.com

This page was last updated on 31 October 2000.


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