Creative Gift Wrapping


What a lot of fun there is when we take time to choose not only the gift but the wrapper as well!  There are a multitude of materials that can be used, from the outdoors, the kitchen, the 'garbage can'(!), the sewing basket, etc.  The only real limit is your imagination and time!  I once wrapped my Christmas gifts with brown paper and humorous clippings from magazines.   My brother always wraps his Christmas presents in a very minimalist but creative way- making squiggly lines with his silver pen on brown paper and tied with a lavish red bow was his signature wrap a few Christmases ago.

wrap1.TIF (120308 bytes)(Left)Here is a box wrapped in kraft paper with a postage stamp stuck in the middle and with special delivery rubber stamped all over.  wrap2.TIF (211984 bytes)

(Right)These are really unique gift wraps made of a variety of materials.  The one on the right side is a jute pouch (or sako as we call it in the Philippines) with bits of herbs  glued on with a glue gun.   The others are boxes with leaves glued on with the cut out figure of a cat.   The biggest box is wrapped with an old road map and tied with green crepe ribbon.   Below are some ways to dress up paper bags.  Rubber stamps are a great way to decorate anything if you can't draw.  So are potato stamps and other ways of printing on paper.  Then there's the old reliable way- collage.   Glue jute string, twigs, pinecones, spanish moss, dried leaves, coffee beans, buttons, ribbons, patches, etc. on in whatever way you think looks nice!  You can also make your own handmade paper and use this for wrapping or for pasting on your wrapper.  Handmade paper has wonderful textures you can play with.  If you make it yourself, you can put bits of petals, leaves, string, hair, yarn, anything thin enough for a sheet of paper!

4.tif (450552 bytes)

Photos from Country Folk Art magazine, January 1997, and other clippings.


44cybH.gif (3032 bytes)

Thank you Lord for the wonderful things we can use to fashion interesting things to see, to touch, to give. 

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