Any step you take, no matter how small, towards taking care of yourself, and enhancing what God has given you, will be a step in the right direction.

The first thing you should do: EVALUATE YOURSELF. Evaluate yourself not with a critical spirit but with a positive attitude.

  • 1. Ask yourself: what are your good points, your assets? What would you want to emphasize?
  • 2. What are your not so good points? Your flaws or limitations, the physical attributes you have to de-emphasize? Then, if you are comfortable about the idea, you can also

ASK OTHERS to comment on particular dresses or a style of make-up or hair: For example: Does this look well on me? Do you think this is the correct color on me?

Formulate PLANS/GOALS, for example

  • short term (within the week): exercise
  • medium term: (within the month or next three months)- be observant about colors, skin routine
  • long term (within the next two years)- wardrobe

Make arrangements for a system of FOLLOW UP and SUPPORT: The Buddy System where each is a watchdog and encourager to each other, or the Group Support System, where you have a group of 4 -5 friends doing the same thing: encouraging, supporting, following up. The important thing is you have to know each other's goals to be able to follow up. There are so many things you can do together which will be fun and will build your relationship with each other: you can go out to a department store and try on as many dresses and look at each other and tell each other what fits you and what doesn't. Sisters can really be a great source of encouragement and reminders. After I gave birth, Anna S. Noticed I was wearing these awful frumpy clothes because none of my clothes fit me. She promptly reminded me of this. And now I know she's looking out for me. I really appreciate it that she's honest enough to tell me . My sisters of course excel at this sort of thing and if not for them, I wouldn't have been asked to give this talk at all.

I believe this is a good thing, not to be overly concerned about our appearance of course, but to take care of ourselves, to put value on ourselves. Ken Noecker said in our pastoral training for singles forum, that the single men wanted the single women to have mystique, to not be just one of the"boys" . Perhaps this will be one way for this to be accomplished.

Now is the time to make caring for yourself a habit!



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