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This Hearts Around Heartland
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A place for family & friends

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I love cats

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I thank god for the many people who share their lives on the web- lives of faith and lives of struggling to live their faith.   I also thank god for the many people who share their gifts and talents- graphics artists, craftsmen, bible teachers, etc.  God bless them!


Luigi, Patsy and Joshua Welcome You to

Our Country Home

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Our house is still a bit of a mess, but you're welcome everytime you visit. I hope you'll have a nice time.  Our contents page will show you what we've done so far and this is what we've added since we updated last . Don't forget to sign our guestbook before you leave so we'll know who dropped in.  We'd like to pay you a visit too!

Please come and make yourself comfortable in our Living Room SofasLerner.gif (4615 bytes) Living Room

Luigi and Patsy Family Business Photo Album
Good Neighbors Webrings Family Journal
The Philippines Win my Award Awards and Gifts

Check out my special thank you to some special people on the web:

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Our Library is full of links you may want to go to when you have time- lots of magazines and references, freebies, fun & games, e-cards, even a file on beauty if you're interested.

You are welcome in our Prayer Room bible1.gif (231 bytes)

Guide to Prayer & Scripture Favorite Prayers Christian Webpages
Bible Tools Please pray for baby Jabby  

As for Luigi's office compute2.gif (619 bytes), this is where you can get help for making your webpage: lots of links to HTML help, graphics sites, midi sites,  etc.  You'll also find  some wonderful graphics from our papemelroti collection you can use.

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Patsy has her pallet1b.gif (402 bytes) Craft Room where she enjoys making Handmade Paper the easiest way in the world, dolls and collagescrayon etchings, etc.   She'll be glad to teach you.

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batman.gif (285 bytes)Joshua's Playroom is a chockful of games and fun projects for little kids. 

Reading to Children Kid's Costumes Making a Sand mask
Kid's Crafts Easter Cookies Ways to say "I love You!"

Then there's the kitchen waiter1a.gif (410 bytes) where there's always something on the stove.  Luigi is a great cook and can concoct something interesting just by looking at the contents in the refrigerator and the pantry.

Meanwhile if you ever want to send us  mail12.gif (343 bytes) mail, our address is And here are my banners if you want to link to me:  I'd like to know so I can put you in my Good Neighbors page!

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My guestbook's open, come and see,

Won't you write a line for me?

Give me a thought, a rhyme or two

That inspiration may give to you.


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This Sisters in Christ Webring
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I'm proud to live in heartland!

My name is patsy paterno and My site
Count Your Blessings
is Proud to be Heartland!

Heartland - The Heart Of Geocities!

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This site was "made from the heart" and is owned by
Count Your Blessings

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Thanks to Elizabeth for my 'Heartfelt' Award above.  I really appreciate it!


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