How to Make a Webpage

For A Beginner by a Beginner!

Ever had the desire to make your own webpage? It’s easy and fun and almost anybody with a sense of adventure can do it!

A couple of years ago, I would surf on the web and not even know where I’d end up. It was interesting but also exasperating because I felt it was aimless. I wasn’t researching or working, just playing around. I’d end up in the strangest of places and not know how to get out!

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Then all those FREE banners caught my eye. Could you really have a webspace for free, I thought? I decided to test it and got a space at Tripod  and at Geocities. I made one page using Geocities Pagebuilder. This was just to make sure the space was mine and that nobody could lay claim to it. I didn’t know then that there were literally hundreds of host site providers salivating to give free space from 10 megabytes to unlimited space!!! Here's  a list of free webspace providers for personal, commercial and not for profit homepages.  GreatNow offers 100 megs of free web space to everybody. You get a subdomain and powerful tools to create and manage your site online. Ads on userpages will only be shown 50 % of the time. The rest of it is ad free!

Now how did I create my homepage? To create pages using the Pagebuilder, I had to be online which would have been an expensive and impossible proposition so I had to learn how to do it another way.

Most websites and webpages are written in a language called HTML which is short for HyperText Mark up Language. This was invented by Tim Berners-Lee while at CERN, the European Lab for Particle Physics in Geneva. The code allows you to format a page with text, images sounds and links so you can display it on the web.

At first I was all prepared to learn this. I printed out this tutorial and was studying it. My husband Luigi, was quite amused. He got me AOL Press, a WYSWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. Most AOL users are not even aware of this – one of the easiest and feature packed editors that you can find for free. It was easy to learn. I was able to make a few pages in a couple of hours. Nothing fancy, of course, but I was thrilled! For other free HTML Editors, surf to freeware. You can choose from several software: HTML tool, 1st Page 2000 for more advanced users, Arachnophobia, an interesting Careware. I now use Microsoft Frontpage and am planning to learn Dreamweaver.   Some of these editors have what they call templates- backgrounds with matching banners and buttons- you just put in your content.

If you’re like me and want to mix and match to make your own look for your homepage, you have to search for the backgrounds, graphics and animations. This is actually a lot of fun and it’s hard to stop collecting! There’s a wealth of free graphics sites on the web. Just be sure and give credit where credit is due by putting a link at the bottom of the page where you use the graphic or background. You can start at the links here or see some of my favorite graphic sites below.

If there’s a graphic you like, right click on your mouse and choose save as. Change the name so you can remember it and maybe put an identifying code so you know where you got it- heartBarn.jpg means the graphic is a heart and you got it at Graphic Barn ( ). To save a background, right click on it and choose save as background. I file all backgrounds as BK, the name, and a code which tells me which graphic site I picked it up from. You can also use numbers so your graphic name is shorter, as in Bkbluejute3.gif which will tell me this is a blue jute background from Wendys Backgrounds. Eventually, you’ll have more graphics that you can use. Make sure you know where you put your graphics! Have one folder for it all or put it in diskettes.

When you’ve made a few pages, you have to upload it to a server (a place that serves your pages to the public). A server is a computer that’s connected 24 hours a day so when you upload your pages to a server, your site will be available for the whole world to see all day and all night!

If you chose Geocities, you can either use their Easy Upload or the FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Other hosts usually have easy ways of uploading too. You have to upload all the graphics and the coded HTML pages. To find out if you did it correctly, go to your URL (your site’s address) and check to see if it looks like what you intended it to look like. If it doesn’t, then you probably missed uploading a graphic, or your HTML is in error.

Although I use an HTML editor, it’s very useful to learn the basics of HTML coding for troubleshooting. Here are some examples:

To put a graphic on a page, you use this tag:

<img src="bible1.gif" height=100 width="150" alt="Read The Bible Today">


This shows you the name of the graphic(graphics come in various formats – gifs, jpegs, etc.), the size, and alt which is ( ).

To center a text or graphic you use:

This will center a region of text or images, etc.


To create a link to another page on your website:

<a href="name.html">Next Page</a>

To link to another website:

<a href="">Goshen Christian Net </a>

To create a picture and email link:

<a href="">
<img src="mailbox.gif" height="50" width="50" alt="Email Us"> </a>

To create a blinking text:

<blink>Jesus Loves You </blink>

Jesus Loves You

Those are just examples and when you use an HTML editor, this is done automatically by the software.

There are thousands of sites where you can find free tools to add stuff to your website, promote it, or help you make it more interesting, and easier to surf. Here are a few of them:

Free Web Tools and Toys!

Banner maker

Mediabuilder. or Cooltext

If you want to promote your site on banner exchanges, you need a banner.



When you get a website at Geocities, you can also get a free counter and other add ons, like site stats, news headlines, the weather, etc.




With Cometzone, web designers can customize their website cursors. Why have visitors to your site look at an arrow when they can see beautiful images like flowers, angels, stars, etc.


Domain names

A short and easy to remember name is key to a successful website. Apply for a free name like at


Gif Editor/ Animator

gifworks is an online GIF image editor.



Calej Graphics

A Touch of Country

Graphics Ring is a loong list of sites where you can find free graphics.

How to make Animated Graphics


Guestbooks, Link Pages, Forums, Polls, and other Webtools or Bravenet or 321Free

You want to know who your visitors are, don’t you? Make it easy for them by getting a guestbook they can sign and sometimes even leave a calling card!!


HTML Codes and Tutorials

To learn some HTML codes

HTML Clinic (open 24 hours!!)

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML

Interactive Tutorial for Beginners

For HTML Help, and Geocities Help if you put your site on Geocities surf to

HTML goodies


Java Script

JavaScript Source  To add forms, games, navigations, pop-ups, calculators, clocks, background effects, etc. to your site, The JavaScript Source is an excellent resource site with tons of "cut and paste" JavaScript examples for your web pages. All for free! It’s got examples and is quite user friendly.


Jpeg Editor

Online Jpeg Wizard Pegasus shrinks and/or edits your JPEG images


Metatag Creator / Analyzer

META Tags are used as part of your HTML code. Some "Spiders" use the information contained within META Tags to index your Web page. When properly constructed you can actually control how these robots display your Web page in their search engines. You can also help people find your Web page by providing keywords that describe your page and help drive traffic to your Web site.  Use HTML Clinic's Metacreator, Scrub the Web or Webpromote's Metatag Creators.



Want to have your own free postcards? Get it at  My Postcards.

You’ll have to have your own graphics for the cards though. If you don’t know how to draw, you can scan old photos, pictures, etc. and upload it to your site.


Promote your site

Add Me and Easy Submit will register your URL with several sites.




Add a Recommend it box at your site so visitors can tell their friends about it. There's a good chance their friends will visit because it’s a personal recommendation from somebody they know, not some evil, anonymous spam merchant.


Search Engines

WhatUseek intraSearch   is a valuable tool that will give your web site its own search engine, enabling visitors to search and navigate your site. This search engine is fully and you can even tailor the graphics of the search page to suit your site's layout.


Sound, How to add

HTML Clinic



If you add the icon on your page, you’ll be able to see where your visitors come from! All over the world! Eventually, you’ll also see who has linked to you, and how many visitors you have in an hour!! Invaluable for a business site where you’d want a professional system to track and analyse the behaviour of visitors to your website.

Tune Up for your Webpage

Go to Website garage for a tune up or this site tells you what’s wrong with your site- how long it takes to load, broken links, etc.


Web Tools, links to


A friend of a friend spent P30,000 (in Philippine Pesos.  That comes to about U$715.00 ) on a course on how to make a webpage. My sister earned P30,000 after she fiddled around with an HTML editor! Creating Webpages is a time consuming, very challenging hobby…it can also be the start of a great career!

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Thank you Lord for the time I have for this hobby.  I know that a lot of wives and mothers  don't have time to spare to learn something new, don't have the resources to indulge, and don't have   husbands who are supportive and indulgent! 

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