Ideally, our clothes should express not only our personality but also our ethics, our set of values. Our clothes should make us feel good because we look our best. Ideally, once we get dressed we won't have to think about what we are wearing, we won't have to fuss about ourselves, our comfort and our needs, thus freeing us to focus on others, to think about their comfort and their needs.

We also shouldn't have too many clothes. Alexandra Stoddard, the author of several books says that having too many shoes or too many clothes is like overeating. We only wear one set of clothes at a time so why should our closets be bursting ? We should enjoy the process of selection throughout our life and not have too many clothes for the wrong reasons (like it was on sale, maybe I will lose 10 lbs.and will be able to fit into this someday, I'll get around to altering the large sleevehole).

The first step is to study our bodies and make the most of what we have. Here are some ways to dress yourself to your best advantage. The reference I used for this segment is the book Color Me Beautiful.

In that book the author talks about 4 seasons and colors that are appropriate to each season. Let me just say that it is important to find out what colors complement our skin tone. Perhaps you already have an idea. For instance, whenever I wear this particular dress I always receive compliments. I'm sure it's not the dress- for it is a hand me down from my sister Peggy, and the style is simple. I was very surprised the first time I wore it because I didn't intend to dress up but people would ask me where I was going because I seemed so well turned out. Then there are times when I love the dress I am wearing and there is no effect on people. It must be because I look sallow and lack color. So we should notice the times we get complimented and remember the color, or maybe it is the style of dress. Some dresses will make us look tall, some will make us look fat, some will make us look like we have big arms. If we have big legs we shouldn't wear mini skirts.

Few of us have perfect proportions that would allow us to wear anything, but we can create the illusion of average proportions by dressing in lines that fool the eye.



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