Sewing Projects

There are lots of projects you can do with a needle and thread, scrap cloth and some imagination.   I like making dolls out of tea dipped kacha or cotton, and calico cloth.  But the thing that makes it different is I make a face and accessories out of sculpey or your choice of clay.

dollhead.gif (1283 bytes)You form the face- even if you can't make a nose or cheeks or a chin 'properly' that's fine.  Country dolls have distorted features sometimes!  Then you paint shoe.gif (2618 bytes)the skin, eyes and lips.  Make sure you make two holes at the neck so you can sew it to the neck.  You can also make the hands and shoes out of sculpey if you like or if it's easier to sew it, then do so.  I order my miniature shoes from an old man who makes it out of scrap leather.  Then I body.gif (7833 bytes)make a body out of tea-dyed cloth, and attach arms and legs with a glue gun. The best part is making the clothes because then you can make different styles. You can also make the accessories out of clay- buttons, bags, books, hearts, birdhouses, jars, etc.  The only limit is the imagination.  I'll be glad to e-mail you the instructions if you like.

Here are some of the dolls I've made:

dolls.jpg (64022 bytes)



Then there's collage- another favorite of mine.  This requires no sewing but a lot of pasting and cutting.   My favorite reference for this is Dorgan Rushton's Collages.  It is very well written and funny.  Here's a sample of her work:

collage1.tif (298073 bytes)

44cybH.gif (3032 bytes)

I thank God for sharing with us the pleasures of 'creating' and making things! 


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