Scriptures can Shape our Lives

When my brother Robert and sister Tina were young, they were constantly quarreling.  Until the day my mom read them the part in the Bible where it said: If you say you love me, but you hate your brother, then you are a liar.  They completely stopped their bickering and fighting and up to now are very good friends.

When we know the word of God and live it out, we can expect God to show us His face.  I am part of Ligaya ng Panginoon, and when I was single, I discerned whether the Lord wanted me to get married or not.  I was given scripture verses to meditate on and then I would write down what the Lord would say to me through those verses, and I would share this with the one who was guiding me.  I was 32 at the time, and quite contented being single.  As a matter of fact, some said I was too contented.  Anyway after three months, I got the message from the Lord that if I chose to be single, I would be choosing it for myself, that it was a selfishness on my part.  He preferred that I got married, because He said that marriage was like a rose- that I should concentrate not on the thorns but on the blooming.  He said that I would bloom when I got married.

God is like that- He is always concerned about us blooming.   That is why Jesus accompanies us just as He accompanied the two disciples on the road to Emmaus.  Remember how their hearts were burning while Jesus explained the scriptures to them?  He can do the same for us.  Jesus walks with us whether it be to our workplace or to the grocery or even in our own home.  Just as Jesus spoke with His disciples, so He speaks to us today.  


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