Scriptures and our Christian Life

I once wrote an article for a magazine.  When somebody would pick up the magazine to look through it, I would wait and see if the person would read my article.  If he would, then I waited for his reaction.

The same is true for God.  The Bible is His word for His people.   I think He watches us and our reactions when we read His word.  I'm sure He's pleased when we spend time going through the Bible.

As a young adult, I did what many Christians do- I chose what I wanted to read.  When I was in UP High (The Philippine's State University), the Gideon Society visited us.  If we promised to read the Bible every day, they said, they would give us our very own bibles.  Well, I did promise, and they gave me a pocket bible which I read diligently, until the part about if we loved our life on earth we would lose it.  I didn't like that so I stopped reading my bible.  I only resumed reading when I got into the renewal.  I remember pouring over the verses and highlighting them until some pages of my bible were all underlined!

The most important thing for me about the bible is that it reveals to me God's character.  The Lord uses the Bible to reveal to us who we are praising, why we are thankful.  It tells of God's faithful dealings with humanity and His promised future with His people.

A lot of times we might decide to read the Bible, and then after a few weeks, we lose our enthusiasm because he found it boring.  One reason for this is we don't believe the Bible is written for us.  What could be more boring than reading pages and pages of personal letters between two people we don't know?  But if we put it on the forefront of our minds the the Bible is God's word to us- that it offers personal encouragement, personal promises, personal instruction, and testimonies of God's faithfulness, then for sure we won't be bored.  This is our history we're reading about- the history of God's people.


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