How to make a Sand Mask

This is a great memento of your day in the beach.

What you need:

plaster of paris (you buy this from a hardware store or arts and crafts store)

a half gallon milk carton or a container big enough to mix the water and plaster

pails for mixing or cleaning up

string or wire for the back

beach stuff (twigs, pebbles, weeds,etc.)

First, collect odds and ends from the beach- seaweed, driftwood, twigs, leaves, dried bugs and other stuff. 

mask1.tif (219616 bytes)

Then you dig into the sand to make the mold of your mask.  It should only be about 2 inches deep so it won't crumble.  Dig a little more for the nose.  Everything is in reverse so if you want something like the nose or forehead to protrude, you have to dig a little deeper.

Place your found objects in place.  Seaweed on top for the hair.  Pebbles for teeth and eyes.  Use broken shells for ears.

Mix the plaster with seawater.  A thick creamy consistency works best- not too thick, not too thin.  Pour the plaster slowly and carefully over your work.  The plaster should be about an inch thick.

mask3.tif (329432 bytes)

When the plaster begins to harden, make a hanger with the wire or string and push the ends into the back.

Remove the mask from the mold carefully by digging around your work. 

The finished product!

44cybH.gif (3032 bytes)

We've gone to the beach several times this year!  Thank you Lord for the sand, the sun and the sea, and the wind in our hair.   What a privilege it is to be able to go out of the city and relax, take in the sea breeze, go sailing (my dad and my husband love to go sailing on a Sunfish!) and just laze in the sun (with plenty of sunblock!)  Josh loves playing in the sand with his cousins and wading in the water.  Thank you Lord for all these blessings! 

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