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To put color in your work, you may either start with recycled colored stock or pour liquid fabric dye into the blender. You can also use vegetable dyes.

Another way of livening up your paper is by embedding things in your new sheet of paper while it is still wet and on the mould. It can be quite tricky balancing that leaf across the paper but a good arrangement is worth it. You can also put these little add ons directly on the vat or basin.

Paper will adhere to paper when it is damp, so you can attach two sheets together. Apply pressure at the point of contact. If you want to embed an object which is thick enough to make a bump, you might laminate a second, thinner sheet on top of the object to hold it in place. You can laminate two different colors of paper to get a two-toned effect.

You can also take any of the above methods and combine them in any way you like. You could blend up several different colored pulps of different textures to make an image or design. You could make pulps of different textures for a texture collage. Maybe some of your paper experiments have one particular portion that you like. Tear it out and embed it in anew sheet of contrasting color. Make a polka dot sheet.

You can bind papers together to make a book. Use your handmade paper as a mat background for dried flower arrangements or a trinket and frame it. Make greeting cards or gift tags. Decorate a box, picture frame, notebook cover, or memo pad.

You will probably find more and more ways of decorating your handmade paper as you recycle more and more.  Have fun doing it.

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