Prayer and Scripture

Although it is God who gives the growth in our spiritual life, prayer and scripture reading are two ways by which God brings about our spiritual growth.

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The Wheel Diagram

There are three components of any wheel:  the outer rim is the part of the wheel that meets the road, that encounters the bumps, potholes, puddles and sharp turns.  The rim represents daily Christian life, in which we try to apply God's truth in the midst of our own (often bumpy) circumstances.  Then there is the hub, which is the part of the wheel from which the power emanates to the rim.  The hub is our Lord Jesus Christ, and the power is that of the Holy Spirit.  The spokes transmit the power from the hub to the rim.  The spokes transmit the power of the Holy Spirit from Christ to our daily experience.  Two of the spokes are vertical (prayer and study) and have to do with our relationship with Christ.  The other two (fellowship and service) are horizontal and have to do with our relationship with people.

These spokes are basic ways in which the power of God can be brought into our daily lives.  When all four spokes are in place, are lives are solid and well-rounded.  When one or more spokes are broken or missing, our life with the Lord becomes a rather bumpy ride, or we don't get to go anywhere unless the wheel is restored.  For a renewed Christian, the first priority must be to put these 4 spokes solidly in place.

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What is prayer?

Why is it important to pray?

How do you pray?

The Structure of a Simple Prayer Time

Scriptures and our Christian Life

Scriptures can shape our Lives

Ways we can use Scriptures

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Thank you Lord for the gift of prayer, for knowing you and your love  for us- where would we be without all these gifts you have generously given us?

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