Handmade Paper Making

This is is the easiest way to make handmade paper I know. You need:

citbul1d.gif (77 bytes)a mould and deckle

citbul1d.gif (77 bytes)laundry starch (we call this gawgaw in my country, the Philippines)

citbul1d.gif (77 bytes)blender

citbul1d.gif (77 bytes)tub or basin big enough for the mould and deckle to fitbath_tub.gif (366 bytes)

citbul1d.gif (77 bytes)mug to transfer water

citbul1d.gif (77 bytes)a pail of water

citbul1d.gif (77 bytes)used paper

citbul1d.gif (77 bytes)newspapersnews1.gif (2509 bytes)

citbul1d.gif (77 bytes)sponge or chamois

Basic Instructions:

  1. Tear used paper into pieces about 1/2" square.

  2. Put torn paper up to 1/3 full in blender. Add water until 2/3 full. Blend 2-3 seconds. Repeat until you get the desired consistency.

  3. Pour mixture into tub. Repeat procedure with blender until it is about 4" deep or more. HP1.TIF (6105 bytes)

  4. Add laundry starch to mixture to serve as binder.

  5. Hold the mould and deckle firmly together with deckle uppermost and screen in between. Dip into tub and scoop up pulp.  This is the more traditional dipping method.  You may also choose to pour the pulp into the mold straight from the blender.  Do this  after filling the pan with 3" of water. 

  6. Lift frames up and let water drain back into tub. Shake gently to distribute fibers evenly. Continue draining by tipping from one corner.  HP2.TIF (11170 bytes)

  7. Carefully separate deckle, and lay mould upside down (with wet pulp on the underside) on a folded sheet of newspaper.

  8. Soak up excess water with sponge pressed against screen surface.  HP3.TIF (7238 bytes)

  9. Slowly separate mould from the sheet. If paper still sticks to mould, this means you need to remove more water with the sponge.

  10. Let paper sheets dry for 1/2 to 1 day. When they are dry, you can easily separate them from the newspaper.

There are lots of projects you can do with Handmade paper. And if you have questions about the process, click here, and maybe, I've got the answers for you.  You may also e-mail me at patsypat at smartbuddy.com.ph if you need help.

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