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Luigi and I are members of  Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon (The Joy of the Lord), a Covenant Christian Community. You can read about our mission work as written by one of our members, Rosanne Romero.

I'm still discerning how to go about this page.  Sometimes I tend to do the most important part of something last and that's why this page has been untouched for some time.  What I've decided to do is put down the talks I've given in the past, starting with my talk on Prayer and Scripture.  I've also put down some Bible Tools you can use- Bible reference and word/phrase search , Nave's Topical Bible search, and Matthew Henry's Commentary.  I hope they work!!  Here's a speech given by Mother Teresa about what our attitude should be towards the poor.  And here are some notes I took during one of our  community conferences.  The talks were very inspiring, about how our Father infinitely loves us, and how we should be proclaimers of the gospel of life.  For those who are wondering why something, a trial maybe, is happening to them, here's a story about an ant and his burden.

Here are some links to Christian pages and resources I hope you'll find helpful-  You can also visit my Good Neighbors page for some really great sites.

I am a member of the Sisters in Christ Webring.

A Christian Touch has Christian stories and humor, and some bible lessons. 

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Prayer requests may be posted below, at The Prayer Garden or you can go to the Christian Soul Winning Homepage for advice and encouragement.  Webrings you can visit if you have prayer requests are Heartland Partners in Prayer , Ring of Intercessors , In His Presence Prayer Ring.

The O'Brien Family has a homepage which promotes Christian family values.

Mom of 9's Place is an easy to navigate site overflowing with spiritual teaching and blessings.

Visit the Christian Start Page for lots of links to Christian sites.

Christian Answers.Net is a well designed site which tackles tough questions about life and the Christian faith.  Kids will enjoy the dinosaur journey which will teach them about creation.

Focus on the Family, Guideposts, The Divinity Library, Vanderbilt University, Christian Articles Archive - Joyful Heart Ministries

Garrett Sheldon updated his grandfather's classic In His Steps, and entitled it What Would Jesus Do?

Christian Lost and Christian Found, Links from Katherine Walden's Page

Sacred Space has a guide for a 5-10 minute prayer time prepared by Irish Jesuits

Yeshuah Messiah is a site dedicated to the Saviour, Who is Jesus Interactive Journey (this takes awhile cause it's a movie)

Search the Bible in 7 Languages

Here's Ian Harvey's campaign for truth about evolution

WebSideStory's Top 1000 Religious sites


Sites that will bless you

Sharon Hemm's Christian Resources

Daily Wisdom, Daily Devotionals, Our Daily Bread, Charles Stanley's In Touch,

Free Christian Downloads on the Web


Search Christian Internet Sites!



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Please post your Prayer Requests here, and take the time to intercede for those in need!

True intercession is when we place ourselves in an intermediary position of prayer for God's Will to be done, especially in regard to others.  We need to align ourselves with God.  How?  To recognize and repent of sin, to proclaim the truth of who God is and His love and mercy in dealing with His people.  See how Daniel prayed in Daniel 9:3-19.

"Talking to men for God is a great thing, but talking to God for men is greater still." E.M. Bounds

HOW CAN I MAKE A DIFFERENCE?  The world is so full of people with problems and needs.  Whole countries need deliverance, drugs and shooting, cancer and all sorts of incurable maladies fill the news, poverty breeds hopelessness for millions...  How can I make a difference?  By prayer.  God asks us to turn to Him first, not when we've done all we can possibly do.

...far be it for me that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you. 1 Samuel 12:23

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It is so sad that prayer is not allowed in American schools!

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