Joshua's Playroom

Our little boy Joshua turned five last February.  He likes Batman (a passing phase, we hope), drawing Batman and Robin, putting on his Batman costume (which his grandma made), listening to me read to him, playing computer games and splashing in water.  There are lots of things moms and dads can do to keep kids occupied  (or to distract them from Batman!), and then there are projects which moms and dads can do with their kids instead of watching TV.  Here's an idea for a day at the beach- making a sand mask with plaster of paris.  Making play dough, gooey mud, finger paints is a good idea for a rainy day.  Another one is making a greenhouse out of scrap material.

Fun Places for Kids can be found at peggie's place and Mom of 9's place, ( she has also some pretty good advice for training children). Kid's Page offers some Christian storytelling and if you want to teach kids about creation creatively, visit Kid's Quest and Dinosaur Journey on ChristianAnswers.Net.   For some  crafts for pre-schoolers, visit Pitter-Patter and Enchanted Learning.   See KidsCrafts for all sorts of arts and crafts activities.   Learn how to draw at  Silly Billy's World School of Computer Art , KinderArt and Draw and Color with Uncle offers world exploration, games, contests, pen pals and lots of other activities.

For more of Kid's stuff, visit the Kid's Domain, refdesk, Kid CraftsYES Mag's Projects for KIDS , Dr. Seus and other characters on Randomhouse, Sesame Street, FreeZone (where kids connect for safe, interactive fun online, Kid's List,, Jump Rope rhymes, Topher's castle, the Yuckiest Site on the Internet, Chateau Meddybemps , Kel's MicroKite Site, Mr. Edible Starchy Tuber Head,, Route 6-16 Playground, the CyberKids Launch Site, Fox Kids, The Kids on the Web, Yahooligans, Warner Brothers Animation Site , MaMaMedia and Disney (of course!).  

Lots of award-winning links at Children Storybooks online.   It's good to memorize nursery rhymes with your child and to tell stories to grow by, Grimm's fairy tales,  and Japanese Fairy talesTheodore Tugboat is a great resource as it rates children's websites and arranges them in categories.

Learning Places for kids include Discovery Channel Online, Discovery Channel School, Vicki Cobb's Kid's Science page, Little ExplorersHow Stuff Works, National Geographic for kids, Magic School Bus, Sea World/Busch gardens, the best paper airplane in the world, a virtual whale watch, Dinosaur Omnipedia and one of the best children's museums, Children's Museum of Indianapolis.    BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper and Study Guides and Strategies are full of resources for older kids.  Then there's New York Times Learning Center for kids ages 6-12 years of age. Canada's PBS site is for kids 8-13 and is loaded with good stuff like journeys into science and lab experiments, history, music, sports, etc.  International Kids Space is a playground for visitors up to 16 years old.  Try Surfmonkey, the first Web browser and online service for kids 7 and up or Safesurf which rates websites for safety..

Other sites to visit-

Mechanical toys you can build yourself

Professor Bubbles Page

Contribute your child's artwork to Hugging Hands or to Kids Gallery.

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Thank you Lord for the wonderful gift of children.  When Joshua was in my womb, you told me that I would know how much You loved me when I held him in my arms.  I always remember that.  When I look at my son, sleeping or awake, my heart wells up in wonder.  Joshua is really a concrete sign of Your love for me!


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