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Hello!  Are you comfortable?  My name is Patsy. Luigi and I have been married for 10 years.  We have a little boy named Joshua.  Luigi is a systems analyst and a chef.  I work in the family business, papemelroti, and have been working there ever since it started in 1968.  I have lots of interests- aside from doing this webpage, I also make country dolls, collagescrayon etchings,  and our family scrapbooks.  I like to travel, and to read all sorts of things.  I also like to write and am currently editor of two newsletters for our Christian community. One of my favorite sayings which could be a shortcut of my vision and mission is Hands to Work, Hearts to God.  And here are some Wise Words, Strong Counsel to get us through each day, to encourage and remind us what we're here for! 

Conversations, Stories and Ideas around the coffee table!

papemelroti, our family business
Hands to Work, Hearts to God
Footprints in our Heart, Friendships
Wise Words, Strong Counsel
Luigi and Patsy
Our Country, the Philippines
Trials, God's Tiny Servant
Romance, Tell me whom you Love
You are Priceless
What Does God Look Like
All I ever Needed to Know, I Learned from Noah's Ark
The Bird Cage
Memory Jar
God uses Bumper Stickers
Valentine 2000
Celebrate the New Millennium with us
Celebrate Christmas 1999 with us

If you have time, we'd like to tell you stories about how Luigi and I met and how we got married.  Or if you prefer, there's my story about how my mom's hobby became a business.  We could also tell you about our country, the Philippines, and later, when I get around to it, places you may want to visit here, like Palawan (Luigi's mom is from here), Cebu (my mom is from here), Boracay (where we had our honeymoon), and Baguio. We've also got our photo album, scrapbook, and family journal if you'd like to browse through them.  Then there are good neighbors  and webrings I've been visiting for inspiration and encouragement and also for amusement.   You may want to drop by, I'm sure they'd be glad to have you.

I joined this really warm and welcoming group and have received a lot of gifts from the members.  You may want to visit them and if you're a caring mom, join us!

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