Everyone's face has beautiful qualities. Take a good, long look in the mirror and find the traits that make your face unique. According to Anthony Chavet, a make-up artist, the identity of your face begins with its shape. To discover the shape of your face, pull your hair away from your face, and look into a large mirror. Draw the outline of your face with a lipstick. Stand back and examine. No one's face is perfectly round or heart shaped or whatever. Many of today's beautiful faces are memorable because of their asymmetrical qualities.

The key to making the most of your distinctive feature is to use make-up to keep it in proportion to the rest of your face.

It shouldn' t take more than 10 minutes to put on make-up in the morning once you're familiar with your routine. If you're really on the run, you can cut the time down to much less.

Foundation When buying foundation or the make-up base, be sure to test it on your neck and not your hand. Foundation should always match your skin tone. If you try to change your skin color too much you will look like you are wearing a mask on your face.

  • It is also necessary to match your makeup to your skin type and texture. Dry skinned women should use oil-base foundation and oily-skinned women use water-based formulas to help prevent the late-day sheen on their faces.
  • Most makeup artists prefer liquid formulas to creams because they let a sense of your skin show through. With liquid formulas, you use your fingers to dab a tiny bit here and there over the face. Carefully blend, allowing skin t one to show through. Then take a washcloth wrung out in cold water and pat it firmly all over your face to remove the excess.
  • If you use the pancake style for more coverage, use a damp cosmetic sponge to apply evenly.
  • To cover up blemishes, use panstick before or after applying foundation. You usually cover up under eye circles, the sides of your nose, wherever you need camouflage.
  • You aren't supposed to put foundation on your neck because if you sweat then it smears all over your collar.

Contouring Catherine Deneuve has a rather square face which she corrects with contour powder. When contouring your own face, shadow those features you want to de-emphasize, and play up your good features by shading around them. The best way to learn this is to practice in front of a well-lit mirror, using brown contour powder or brown blusher. Here are some techniques:

  • To narrow a wide nose, shadow along the sides of the nose from bridge to nostrils
  • To shorten a long nose, shadow under the tip
  • To soften a large jaw and give an illusion of ovalness, shadow under the chin and jawbone
  • To emphasize cheekbones, shadow under the cheekbones and extend shadow to temples.
  • To narrow a wide forehead, shadow the sides of the forehead above the temples
  • To widen a narrow forehead, shadow two small areas above each eyebrow

Eye Make up

  • For Oily skin- use powder shadows
  • Use a brush to apply eye make up if you want a subtle, almost transparent application, a sponge where you want heavier color. The first place your applicator touches should be where you want the most intense color.
  • For faster eye shadow application, dampen the brush applicator first. Besides making it easier to smooth on, the moisture will keep the color on longer.
  • Hooded Lids-Blend eye make-up well, graduate the intensity of lashline to brow, with strongest color at lashes
  • Wide-set eyes- Place darker colors on inner corners, gradually lighten shades toward outer half of eyelid
  • Close-set eyes-Keep darker shadows away from the inner corners
  • Quickest eye makeup- Brush some blusher under your eyebrows and on your lids.

Mascara Pulsate mascara brush up and down to a count of ten to go for a softer curl. To make lashes longer dust powder in between applications

Lip Color Lips should never be too dark or your eyes will look small in comparison. The color should be bright, not dark, and very glossy. To apply, first outline the lips with a lip pencil or lip brush with short, firm strokes. Fill in the color with a brush s o there won't be too much color , then finish off with a gloss or petroleum jelly. Do not rub your lips together or blot with a tissue- this only destroys the line and ruins the shine. You can mix colors by applying both with a lip brush one at a time.

  • If your lip color tends to bleed, you may want to powder your lips first, apply color, then blot. Dust translucent powder lightly over your mouth and apply color again.
  • For lipcolor you don't have to touch up, fill in the entire surface of your lips with a lip-coloring pencil. Use a shade close to natural color but richer. Apply tinted gloss over this.
  • You can also try running your tongue lightly over your lips to set your lipstick. This works for some women.

Blush Lots of women make the mistake of placing their blusher at the center of their cheeks instead of blending it on the cheekbones. To apply blusher, feel your cheekbones all the way to the hairline. The blusher goes right on the prominent areas of the bones and up into the hairline just below the eyes. The strongest color should lie on the highest part of the cheek and then fade away into the temples. Be sure to blend carefully. Cream blush under a powder blush will give you longer lasting color.

  • Blusher never goes down beyond the tip of your nose, or beyond the outside corner of your eyebrow.
  • Use powder foundation, not gels or cream if you have oily skin.
  • To give yourself a glowing look, a kissed by the sun look, you can dab a slight smudge of blusher on the bridge of your nose, temples and the tip of your chin.

Eyebrows Do as little as possible to your brows. However, if you choose to tweeze your brows, start by cleaning the brow area with toner or alcohol. If your skin is very sensitive, rub an ice cube over brows to briefly numb nerve endings. Pluck out one hair at a time, tweezing in the direction the hair grows. Except for stragglers above which you see really destroy the hairline, pluck only from the bottom of the brow. For a more wide-eyed look, keep eyebrows brushed up. Dampen bristles of an eyebrow brush or an old toothbrush by rubbing lightly over a slightly moist bar of soap. Brush brows straight up.

Finishing Touch Buff your face with baby powder or loose powder applied with a soft brush to keep the shine off oily skin longer. Then pat a damp sponge over your face to "seal" or set makeup. For daytime touch ups, bring blotting papers in your bag. They remove excess oil and debris without disturbing makeup.

Color Palette With a little experimenting you will find the right lipstick, blush, eye make up and foundation for your coloring. I suggest that you plan girls' nights and practice with your own make up, sharing with one another, bringing make-up guides and articles from magazines, with the goal of being able to experiment without much expense, and also getting the opinions of your friends.

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