(1999) I'm a working mom and I'm always looking for ways to show Josh I love him.  At their school, Cradle of Joy, they are learning about Community and Community Helpers.  They went to the post office, met the mailmen, and sent letters to their classmates.  They also made a mailbox and when Josh brought his home, I stuck it to the door and now we send notes to each other.   He's going to turn 4 this February '99 and he can't read yet.  The first note I wrote was: I aniheart.gif (4940 bytes)U. He was quite excited when he was able to read what I wrote.   Here are some suggestions on how a busy mom can show their kids how special they are :

Read to them everyday.

Make something with them.   Luigi and Joshua made a batcave for Josh' plastic batmobile.  Although Luigi ended up with an aching back, Josh will always remember the afternoon he spent with his dad as they dipped their hands in sticky cornstarch glue and pasted newspaper scraps onto a wireframe.

Put their artwork in a scrapbook.  I have a special album for Joshua's pictures - it really is more like a scrapbook where I arrange photos together with captions or drawings or pictures culled from colorful  magazines.  When he makes a nice drawing I say, 'Let's put it in your album' or he comes up to me and says he wants it in his album.  I arrange it there together with some photos and we enjoy the album together. 

Start a blessing notebook.   I spend a little time with Josh either at night before he goes to bed or when he wakes in the morning just asking him what he thanks God for.  Then I put whatever he says into  one of those little yearly planners.  It's got his name on the front and he knows it's his notebook, and he knows mommy has one like it!  Sometimes, when he's lazy, he says he thanks God for "EVERYTHING!"  But sometimes he really thinks about his answer and comes up with gems.

Find time to pray with them everyday.  I always tell Josh about Jesus and the Father and He knows they're watching over him.  Once my sister asked Josh if he wanted an angel to watch over him and he said no.  "Why not?" she asked, and he answered that he already had Jesus.  I believe one of the best ways we can love our children is to allow them to experience for themselves the Father's love and care.  Josh is very confident that when he gets sick, he can just pray and God will heal him.  Once he had a rash and he prayed without my prodding for God to heal him.  The next day I asked, " No more pain?"  He answered," No, God healt (sic) me!"


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Thank you Lord for the wonderful gift of children.  When Joshua was in my womb, you told me that I would know how much You loved me when I held him in my arms.  I always remember that.  When I look at my son, sleeping or awake, my heart wells up in wonder.  Joshua is really a concrete sign of Your love for me!

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