Leaf Painting

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Here's an easy project for even a 4 year old to do (with supervision of course!).  You need a t-shirt (preferably white or light colored), fabric paint (green, yellow, red and blue to mix different hues of green), different kinds of leaves, a brush, water and some newspapers.  First you lay out the newspapers on your work area.  Then you lay out your t-shirt and place a sheet of newspaper between the front and the back of the t-shirt so the paint doesn't get through.   You mix the paint (yellow green, blue green, dark green, etc.) and you brush paint on the underside of the leaves (where the veins are).  After this, you lay the leaf down on the t-shirt, put a pc. of paper over it, and press down so that an impression of the leaf will be made on the t-shirt.  Repeat sveral times until you cover the front of the t-shirt.  Josh likes this shirt so much, he wears it all the time!

KidsCrafts and KidsArt

Link to sites across the Web featuring art for kids and by kids, art and music techniques, history, and appreciation. From The Mining Co.
LookSmart Spotlight Site - Crafts for Kids
Link to fun crafts to make, give as gifts, and even to eat, plus resources on toys, games, books, and videos. From The Mining Co.
Build action contraptions from recycled junk. Download top secret plans, set up a workshop, order tools and engine rooms, and get started.
Building the Egret
This is no ordinary paper jet. Follow the step-by-step instructions and accelerate for take-off.
Cartoon Mania
Free fun! Get yourself a pencil, paper, and an eraser and learn to draw cartoons from this professional cartoonist.
Gilbert House Children's Museum
Stuck inside? Time to make up some slime or mix up this bubble solution and blow some monster bubbles.

How to Make a Pop-up
Make your very own pop-up mouth monster or animal card and mail it to a friend. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions.
Activity Cupboard
Have fun poking around in this enormous cupboard with enough crafts and craft ideas to amuse you for hours.
Aunt Annie's Craft Page
Stuck for craft ideas? Aunt Annie dreams up new projects every week, all with easy-to-follow instructions.
Ben & Jerry's New England Village
Includes models of a community church building, an apartment building, a New England farm building, and a Ben & Jerry's store circa 1978.
Ben Franklin Crafts
Choose your craft and get started! Make a beaded gecko, a boutique bottle or a Texas twister key ring and give them as gifts.
Build a Songbird Box
Build a nesting box to attract birds to sing in your garden. This is a big project which might need some help from Mom or Dad!

Cheryl's Crafts Page
Simple, easy crafts to make (and give as presents!) with things you might find at home - check with mom first!
Crafty Kids Craft & Rubberstamping
Australian supplier of craft & rubber stamping supplies for kids & adults. Browse all product catalogues online.
Flight Activities
Make pinwheels, parachutes, paper helicopters, or a paper jet. Fold origami butterflies or find out how to attract real ones to your garden.
Green Eggs Place mat
"Sam-I-Am has something great: a special place to put your plate. Just print it out (if you are able) and put in on your dining table."
Guide to Free Craft Supplies
Project sheets and free materials for making gifts such as bookmarks, candles, earrings, picture frames, or your own Christmas ornaments.
How Paper Is Made
Fun classroom or home project to recycle scrap paper into paper. Decorate with colored thread, dried flowers or herbs, if you wish.

Let's Build a Mobile
Easy instructions to make a moon-and-stars mobile to hang from your bedroom ceiling. You'll need scissors, string, tape, and coloring pencils.
London Bus Page
Download these patterns from the Paper Bus Factory of the world's most famous buses. Cut them out, fold, and tape together.
Make a Balloon Dog
How to make a puppy dog out of a balloon. Just take care not to blow it up too much or it will pop before you can finish...

My Fair Lady
Dress Professor Higgins and Eliza Doolittle. Print out the full size images, cut and color-in from a choice of outfits.
Origami Models & Diagrams
Find out how to fold your own origami. Then you can make birds, insects, mammals, action machines, and much more - all from a sheet of paper!
Pack-o-Fun Magazine
Pack-o-Fun is a children's craft and activity magazine suitable for both families and groups or clubs.

Choose from these projects including a tuna can spider, a macaroni dinner box purse, expandable cards, or a matchbox mouse ornament.
Paper Airplanes
Quick and simple! Get yourself a 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper and get yourself airborne in minutes.
Paper Doll Page
Introducing Miss Tamara Doll & Mr Sid Doll. Print out the dolls, glue to cardboard, and cut out. Print out their wardrobes and dress up.
Professor Bubbles
Enter the bubblesphere to find out everything you ever wanted to know about blowing bubbles big enough to hide inside. It's true!
Puppets Activity Page
Start your own puppet theatre. Make scrap puppets from old socks, download paper puppets, or patterns. Includes performance tips.
Rainy Day Arts & Crafts
Recipes for home-made bakeable salt clay, playdoughs (including edible peanut butter), slime, silly putty and finger paint.

Rainy Day Projects
Provides projects to entertain the kids on rainy days. For kids up to the age of 10.
Snowflakes You Can Make
Cut out a snowflake and tape it to your window. You'll need a square of paper, a pencil, protractor, and some scissors.
Sugar Bush Crafts and Projects
Try these craft projects which use potatoes, sand, or leaves (just a couple need grown-up help). Make a snowman, a face mask, or Easter eggs.
Wangaratta School Crafts
Make a visit Down Under to Australia and learn how to make a hopping kangaroo, a climbing koala, or a sugar glider kite.
YES Mag's Projects
Build your own helicopter, make the leaning tower of pasta with spaghetti and marshmallows, and build a bridge over cardboard water.
earlychildhood.com Arts & Crafts
New crafts every month! Make grocery sack backpacks, paper bag pumpkins, kites, snow paint, and even your own stickers.

Global Show-N-Tell Museum
Enter your artwork to be displayed at this site

Kids' Gallery
This great site features art by kids like you!  You can even write a story to go with your art.

Kids' Korner Art Gallery
Kids up to age 18 can exhibit their art on this site

Kid's Space Art Gallery
Artwork by children exhibited in a fun and creative setting.

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Thank you Lord that there are so many interesting things to do!  When we are able to make something beautiful with our own hands, we are able to experience in a little way your satisfaction when you created the earth and said,"It is good."

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