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Luigi, Patsy and Josh

Welcome You to

Our Home


Our home is always open for visits!

Hope you'll be comfortable enough to wander around and enjoy, even if parts of our house are a mess!

Be sure to leave us a message so we know you dropped by.


Come in and relax in our Living Room Living Room.

Listen to our stories around the coffee table. I'd like to tell you about

our family business, papemelroti.


Check out our special neighbors -they're all blessings!

good neighbors

Then there's ourlibrary Library- trouble is a lot of the links here don't work anymore! Have to fix this soon!

Prayer Room

In our Prayer Room, there's a guide to Prayer and Scripture, as well as a lot of Christian resources.

If you are a Sunday School teacher, or you'd just like to teach your kids about Noah, David and Goliath or the Three Trees story,


you can use my powerpoint which I made for He Cares Foundation for Streetchildren.

Here's what you do to download the powerpoint presentations- go to our storage room :^) then to log-in,

use my email email patsy.paterno at, password is 12345.

Click on CM (short for Children's Ministry) and choose which one you want. I'm working on the story of Joseph now

which is kind of long. Don't know when I'll finish that!!

Please stop by the Hunger Site to help feed the hungry- it's free and takes just a click!

Craft Room

Then maybe you'd like to visit my Craft Room-where you'll see what I like to do.

You can also see my art work and collages on Flickr, learn how to make handmade paper,

get tips on scrapbooking, pastel and crayon etchings, and other crafts.

Luigi's Office

Then there's Luigi's Office- where you'll find some tips about how to make a website of your own.

Josh' Playroom

In Joshua's Playroom, there are lots of links for children and about children.

Joshua is now 12 so he's outgrown all of the sites listed in here.

Ways a busy mommy can say I love you, kid's crafts, ways to encourage reading and writing,

activities for rainy days, are just some of the things that can be found here.


And here's our Kitchen- Luigi is a great cook and can concoct great tasting meals just by

looking at the stuff in our fridge. While I haven't even managed to put any

of his mouth watering recipes here yet. Instead some places where you can get some great recipes are listed here.

While you're here, you may want to rummage in our attic, where we keep our

Easter, Valentine, Mother's Day and Millenium.


My guestbook's open, come and see,

Won't you write a line for me?

Give me a thought, a rhyme or two

That inspiration may give to you!

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