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During my travels around the Web, I've encountered many wonderful people and places.  Here are some of them.

Annie's Homepage is a chockful of Christian resources, links and encouragement.  This wonderful woman prays about what to put on her webpage and it shows. 
Peggie's Place is another neighbor who is a gem!  I've found many wonderful Christian links here, and you can bookmark her site and jump off from there.
Charlene Murchison has a beautifully done homepage 'where friendship is always in bloom'. 
Peggy's Page is a nicely done family-oriented site full of good ideas.  Be sure to read her testimony and visit her graphics pages. 
The Hughes Family Homepage has some good insights.  Sherrie is a stay at home mom and likes rubber stamping and Mary Engelbreit (like me!)
The Teel Family page is full of activities and crafts.
You'll find bible verses, recipes and lots of other stuff at Gina's Homepage.
Andy is 13 years old and his site is great!
Ty's FAITH WEBBIN internet ministry has grown so big since she started in 1997 with her first webpage Knock Knock.  Christian growth, bible study, family values, Christian web guide, kid's pages, etc.
Visit Gitte's place, sign her guestbook to tell her you visited.  Gitte has panic disorder and agoraphobia but has found her place in the web- where Jesus is glorified and God's word is spoken.
  The Wachter Family's Country Home is very welcoming.
Patty's Place is a wonderful home.  Drop by for poetry, recipes, country links and graphics.
Linda Dalton's Open Arms Ministry can be a great comfort for those with breast cancer.
Small Miracles
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Thank you Lord for these wonderful people who share with us their lives, their hopes, dreams and ideas.   It's so exciting that we can visit and learn about different countries, lifestyles and cultures without leaving the comfort of our homes!

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