What kind of paper can I use?

Paper should not be glossy or coated. Examples of paper that can be used: computer paper, intermediate pad, typewriting paper, onion skin, coupon bond, envelopes, receipts, office memos, school notebooks (inside pages) and exam papers, etc. Do not use newspapers as your handmade paper will discolor. Use colored paper to add color.

What can I use if I don't have a blender?

Soak torn paper in water for at least one day to soften paper, then pound soaked paper until it disintegrates.

If I want to make thin or thick paper what do I do?

To make thin paper more water is needed. For paper with the thickness of bond paper, 3 grams of pulp for every liter of water is advisable. Experiment!

How much starch do I need?

Use 1 tbsp. of uncooked starch for a tub of water. If you use cooked starch, the amount is usually 10% based on the dried weight of the pulp.

What can I add to the pulp to make it interesting?

Add pressed flowers, leaves, corn hair, thread, etc. Just make sure these are paper thin or else they will not attach to the paper pulp.

How do I flatten the sheets?

To squeeze out water and flatten sheets, you can place the pile of wet paper and newspapers between a couple of boards and top it with a heavy object for a while.

What is a mould and deckle? How can I make this?

Take two wooden frames of the same size and attach a screen in one by tacking the screen to the wood. The deckle is the frame without the screen.

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