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May 1999

Happy Mother's day!  I recently joined a super group- Caring Moms!  Click on the logo below to visit some really wonderfully warm moms!  God bless them all!

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Here's my award for great moms- for all the love, and caring that moms all around the world have given their children and adopted children.  How much worse will the world be if not for the moms who forgot their own needs to serve their family?  How much worse will the world be if not for the mothers who hugged their children every day, read to them, taught them the value of honesty and hard work and loving and obeying God?  Here's to my mom- the greatest mom in the world!

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April 28, 1999

I received some pictures from Mike Peck of our Habitat for Humanity stint last month.  He is a veteran of these work projects and does it because he lives a very comfortable life and it is good to use your hands and sweat it out on a construction site to remind you that there are millions of people in the world who do hard labor every day, and millions more who do not have their own homes.

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Visit Habitat for Humanity International to find out if they have a project in your area.

March  30 ,1999

I joined a very special group of mothers and am looking forward to getting to know them.  I received a really nice welcome gift.   Thank you Maria!  I love it!

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March  26 ,1999

Today we went to Cavite again to finish the two houses we started (see March 24 entry).  When we arrived, the roof was up, and the exterior walls were painted.  We gathered to get our assignments for the day - the Singaporean volunteers from a Christian group who had been coming the whole week were in charge of different tasks- putting up the doors and windows, setting up the sink, etc.   My sisters, my dad and I would help.  My dad was skeptical at first that all of it would get done-  but in the afternoon he was quite surprised!  The house was ready.  The home partners, Mr. and Mrs. Ilao, received the house, a Bible signed by Jimmy Carter, and the keys to the front door during s touching  dedication ceremony.  I thank God for people like Millard Fuller who had the vision to bring this into actuality.  250 families got a roof over their heads today.  Can you imagine the joy and hope this brought into their hearts?

March  24 ,1999

I had a fantastic experience yesterday when we joined Habitat for Humanity's Jimmy Carter's  Work Project'99 along with 3000 plus volunteers from around the world.  Luigi, my sisters Peggy and Tina, and some other members of our community helped put up hollow blocks, carry sand and pebbles, hammered trusses, under the heat of the sun.  Some 250 houses will be built this week in Maragondon, Cavite (where we went), and other places in the Philippines.   The project is in partnership with World Vision who provided the land.  World Vision is  also screening the families who will live in these homes.  Jimmy Carter is building Mrs. Salas' home and she said she will always remember that his sweat is mixed in with the cement!  It was exceedingly hot yesterday.  I put on tons of sunblock and wore a huge hat.  But what I will remember about yesterday is going up the scaffolding to put the last layer of hollow blocks.  I looked out at the sea of roofless homes  with the many heads bobbing up and down, up and down.

My group learned a lesson yesterday.  The two houses we helped build were almost finished when a big man who was obviously in charge asked for some volunteers to help build some houses that had a long way to go.   Later, Edric, one of the  guys who volunteered, came back and told us it was hard to help because there were so many big men there, it was difficult to move around the house.  Then they didn't want you to use their tools or their cement- they were quite possessive with them.  In other words, there was no cooperation!  In our place, we were mostly women, and the young guys we were with weren't big at all, and we didn't know what we were doing, but what we did have a lot of was cooperation!!

March  6 ,1999

I visited several homepages  yesterday and was so inspired by some of the stories I read and the amount of commitment put in praying for others that I came up with an award that I will give out.  Here it is:

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Click on the award to find out the recipients.   Right now there are only two!


February 13,1999

I asked my 4-year old son, Josh, why he was so cute.  His answer?  "Because I'm Jesus' friend."  He left to do something and recited softly to himself, "Yes, I'm Jesus' friend, yes, I'm Jesus' friend..."  If only we are as sure of why we are so blessed.  If only we knew that we are infinitely loved by our Father who is so full of compassion that He voluntarily left His beauitful home to become like us.  Mother Teresa is one person who really knew the Father I think.  That's why she had no fear for herself, she did not need to protect herself, provide for her needs.  She was so confident of God's love and provision that she was free to think of others. 

January 16,1999

Joshua is a happy little boy.  I marvel at his capacity to enjoy a piece of paper.  Luigi calls the paper in Josh'  hand a TRANSFORMER.  Josh crumples it up and it becomes a ROBOT then a SWORD then a BIRD.     Luigi wanted to get a book on origami  but I think I'm happy with the way Josh transforms  the pieces of paper in his hand.  He doesn't need directions just imagination.  he doesn't need the paper to be a correct size, proportion or color. 

God can transform us too - whatever kind of person we are, whatever color or shape, whether we are important or not, extremely talented or not, intelligent or not, nice or not.  All it takes is that we be like the paper- we put ourselves in our God's hands, we allow ourselves to be crushed, vulnerable to his shaping and molding according to His imagination and will.  Like Josh, I'm sure God gets excited about our transformation- into His people, His servants!

January 9,1999

I said that I was going to wrap Joshua up like a gift, then I asked him," Who do you want to be given to?"   "Mommy," he answered."Jesus wrapped me and gave me to you."   "Oh yes! I love you so much!"  I responded.  How wonderful is this gift of children.  being a mother is such a miracle.  We need God's blessing everyday.  For some ways we can show how precious our children are, here are some ideas.

January 5,1999

My 72 year old dad loves sailing and in 1997 he bought sailboats to sell just so he could go sailing and convince others to go sailing.   My sister Tina put up his Island Boats webpage today.   I'm reminded about the honoring I gave for my sister Peggy on her birthday last year.  I said she sailed through the troubles in her life like a magnificent sailing ship only because God was at the helm.  Jing, her husband died of melanoma when their daughter Elyse was barely 3.  They were scheduled to go to USA for a vacation. Instead Jing ended up in UST Hospital the day of their flight.   A month later  he was gone.  We never know what tomorrow brings.  We can only trust in the Lord, and live the way God wants us to live.  That way we can all be magnificent sailing ships with God at the helm.

January 4,1999

I received an award today (although since I applied for it, it wasn't quite as exciting as if somebody dropped it on me out of the blue!)  Still, it was a pretty interesting and new experience.  Especially as it has a very nice bible verse on it (and it matches my background, did you notice?) !   Here it is:

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Making a homepage is quite a challenge- there are far too many things to do!  It really is like making a home comfortable for visitors.  Do people feel wanted and welcome?  Do you serve a good helping of God's word  and good conversation?  Is it nice to look at, not too messy, but not too clean either!   But most important, do people feel blessed when they visit?  


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