FACE: If the shape of your face is extreme in any way, avoid repeating this shape in your neckline. A contrasting neckline balances your face.

NECK: If you have a long neck, don't wear your hair short, don't wear deep V necklines. If you have a short neck, you can wear V , or scoop neck. To minimize a wide neck, keep your neckline close to the base of the neck on both sides

SHOULDERS: Ideally, should be 1 " wider than hips so line of clothes fall loosely over the hips from the shoulders;

  • Broad and square shoulders: a bateau neckline will make shoulders even broader; a V line will make it narrower and less square;
  • a halter top is not flattering for those with too-narrow or too broad shoulders.
  • The rule for sleeveless tops: for broad or square shoulders, the edge of garment should be on the shoulder bone; for narrow or sloped shoulders, the edge of the garment should be slightly beyond the bone; If the edge is inside the bone, it will accentuate both broad & narrow shoulders
  • Any detail on shoulders will broaden or accentuate it. (Epaulets, lace, etc.)

SLEEVES: For long arms, wear cuffs

  • three quarter sleeves look best on short women or one with short arms
  • short sleeves always look best if it falls 1 " above or below the bustline, rather than at the point of the bust (unless you are small-busted)
  • sleeves ending just above the elbow can look matronly unless you are slim and tall.
  • If your arms are heavy, avoid long sleeves that are tight or clingy

BUST: Your bra can make or break the line of your outfit When you are wearing a bra, your nipple should be no more than 3" below your armpit (unless you are very full-busted) . Be sure you are wearing a correct size bra.

If you have a large bust:

  • avoid sleeve lengths ending at the bust,
  • avoid horizontal lines at bust level,
  • try garments that taper gently under the bustline.
  • An outfit that is too fitted will accentuate your bust.
  • Wear a tailored blouse instead of a peasant blouse.
  • Avoid high-waisted looks,
  • keep belts small and the same color as your skirt or dress ,
  • wear your collars open, and wear v necklines with lapels, rather than high necklines with no details (such as turtle necks or crew necks)'
  • vertical .lines(such as a necklace, a seam, a slit, small buttons) all help to minimize a large bustline


A short-waisted woman

  • should not wear a belt,
  • needs to leave as much room as possible between bust and waistline
  • When wearing separates, belt should match your top, not your skirt or pants.This will add length to your waist Skirts and pants cut without waistband are your best bet.

A long-waisted woman should do the opposite.

HIPS: Narrow hips allow you to wear high style designs and any boy-cut fashion. Too wide hips: avoid pockets or excessive fullness at the hipline

DERRIERE: Ample derriere- skirts with some fullness, A-line; not a straight skirt

LEGS: Short legs- no cuffs on pants, high heels, short suit jackets (no lower than the crotch), high waisted styles


  • the most slimming trick is to wear colors that flatter you so it draws the eye upward to your face and away from your body
  • the more vertical seams the slimmer you look ,
  • seams should be close together for a slimming effect

One last note on wardrobe, I don't think it is vanity to study your best features and what looks good on you, because in the long run, it will save you both time and money. Time and money which you can spend on other things that have eternal value.


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