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Dedicated to you, dear Friend: In the Book of Life, God's Album, May your name be penned with care. May you to whom I write,  Few miseries know, if any;   Your gloomy hours be short and few,  And your happy days be many! I thought and thought and thought, But the thought I thought, Wasn't the thought I thought I thought, So I thought I'd sign my name.
Now I'm a poet But I don't show it!  So if it's all the same, I'll just sign my name! I thought a thought,  I thought in vain:  At best I thought, I'd write my name. In your golden chain of friendship, Consider me a link.
It makes me giggle, It makes me laugh, To see me writing My own autograph. I oughto smile, I oughto laugh,  But in this book (e-card),  I autograph. Head weak, Brain numb, Inspiration Won't come!
In the equation of your life, May heartbreaks be the unknown quantity. May your life be like arithmetic;  Friends added, fun multiplied,  Trouble subtracted, enemies divided. I'd climb the highest mountain,  I'd swim the deepest ocean,  I'd cross the hottest desert,  But I can't come over tonight because it's raining!
Hot coffee,                               Hot tea:                              Scald your lips and remember me. When you're up to your neck in hot water  Be like the kettle and sing! If U B U & I B I, It's EZ 2 C Y I like U & U like I
U R 2 Good 2 B 4 Got 10 I M 4 U, U R 4 Me Leaves may wither,  Flowers die;  Others may forget, But never will I.
Roses are red,  Violets are blue,  Sugar is sweet, And so are you! In the bread bin of your affections,  May I always be a crumb. As you ramble on in life,  Whatever be your goal,   Keep your eye upon the doughnut  And not upon the hole.
Keep your face toward the sunshine,  And the shadows'll fall behind you. My heart is like an artichoke  Divided into two:   The leaves I give to others,  But the heart I give to you. Life is like a blanket O newly fallen snow:  Be careful how you tread it,  For every step will show.
May your life be like a footprint-  Leave a mark but not a stain. Life is like a mirror Reflecting what you do;  And if you face it smiling  It smiles right back at you. Remember me when this you see:  Though years and miles apart we be.
When this you see, Remember me. What shall I write?  What shall it be?  Just two words,  REMEMBER ME! Remember M,  Remember E,  Put them together, And remember ME!
Don't take life too seriously,  You'll never come out of it alive anyway.    

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Thank you Lord for friends with whom we can be comfortable, friends to share ideas with, friends who lend an ear, friends who care enough to tell us the truth! 


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