Crayon Etchings

One of my hobbies is Crayon Etchings.  I usually do this for the square cards we print for our business, papemelroti.  Here are some of those I've done.

MotherandChild.TIF (565836 bytes)

This is my Mother and Child etching, and below is my Vegetable Vendor.

VegVendor.TIF (551196 bytes)

To make etchings, you need thick paper, pencil, crayons, a stylus or sharp knife for scratching and a black pastel.   First draw your theme with a pencil on your paper, then color in the spaces with crayon in several layers.  Then you cover the colored parts with a thick layer of black pastel.  You may do this space by space which is good for more intricate drawings.  You can also do the whole thing at once in which case you won't see the drawing underneath and will then not be able to etch in different strokes to match what the drawing is.  Kind of vague huh?  Anyway if you need help, I'd be happy to answer any questions.  It's easy.  I think anybody can do it!  After covering the space with black pastel, you then scratch out the black either in short straight strokes or wavy scratching or whatever way.  The most important part here is really the drawing.  Invest time in thinking of your subject and getting the proportions and colors right.

If you've got questions, just e-mail me at patsypat at

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Thank you Lord for the many interesting and varied resources you have given us!  Imagine what we can do with crayons, really a child's plaything!  I also thank you for the gift of being able to draw and our imaginations.  But most of all I thank you for our sight which enables us to see the world you have created!

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