Here's Joshua in his homemade

Batman costume.

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When we grew up we hardly had any toys and we usually ended up making our own-  doll houses from a box and old catalogs, my sister Peggy would make our paper dolls for us, a "funny company" hide-out in an unused corner of the house full of odds and ends, long hair from a towel tied around our neck and long fingernails from clay.  I've always thought that because we had to make do with what we had, that spurred us to be more creative.  Today, children have too many toys bought from the store.  They always have to have more...

When Josh was just 3 1/2 years old I was hoping he would be able to be imaginative in his playtime, and more creative.  He was happy with his homemade Batman costume.  My mom made the cape- it was so well used so she considered it well worth it, although when she saw how cheap a full costume was from the department store, she had second thoughts! 

herc.jpg (8088 bytes)joseph.jpg (5335 bytes)I keep a box of cloth handy for the times Josh wants to play dress-up.  Sometimes he is Joseph or an angel.  Sometimes he is Hercules or a king.  One day I'm sure he'll be a Chinese dragon because he is fascinated by one of the pictures he saw in his new CD game, World Explorer by DK Multimedia- a wonderful experience even for older kids!


Here are some other ideas for homemade costumes:

A cowboy or cowgirl is easy to make- you just need a checkered shirt, denim jeans, a hat, and a kerchief.  Make a sheriff badge out of gold paper and cardboard.

How about a doll?  I once went to a costume party as a doll in an apron, a wide skirt and a frilly blouse.  I put rouge on my cheeks and painted long lashes  for my eyes.  I also made a huge  key which I inserted at the back slit of my skirt. 

Another costume that's fun (but difficult for a small child) is a headless man or costume.tif (3598 bytes)woman (likecostume1.tif (4998 bytes) Anne Boleyn who really did lose her head!)   You need an old suit or gown with long sleeves that is bigger than the child who will wear the costume.  Then you need to make a cardboard tube which is supposed to sit on the shoulders of the child and which has a hole for his head.  The gown goes over this and has to have a hole for the child's head to come out so it appears like the head is being held by the arms.  The long sleeves then have to be stuffed and the ends attached together.

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