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        The Philippines, our country

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Wise Words, Strong Counsel, Hands to Work, Hearts to God, Romance, Trials, What Does God Look Like, All I ever Needed to Know, I Learned from Noah's Ark, Memory Jar, God uses Bumper Stickers, You are Priceless, The Bird Cage

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Beauty of a Christian Woman- Diet, Exercise, Sleep, Taking care of our Body and Hair, Taking Care of our Skin, Make-up, Wardrobe, Face, Neck & Shoulders, Working it Out

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Prayer & Scripture- What is prayer, Why is it important to pray? How do you Pray? The Structure of a Simple Prayer Time, Scriptures & our Christian Life, Scriptures can shape our Lives, Ways we can use Scripture

Mother Teresa's speech, Community Conference- talks about God the Father and the Gospel of Life

Trials, God's Tiny servant

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Handmade Paper Making- FAQ, Projects

Scrapbooking- Birthday, Drawing, SchoolTime, and Character

Sewing projects

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Punched Tin Lanterns

Creative Gift Wrapping

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Costumes, Ideas

Making a Sand Mask in the Beach

Encouraging your Child to Read and Write Creatively

Ways we can say "I love you" to our children

Easter Cookies



Kitchen The Attic- Christmas, Christmas Letter 1999, What is a Holy Year? Millennium, Y2K, Valentine 2000, How did Valentine start?


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