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is xballBOY.gif (2040 bytes)a special

time of year xballBOY.gif (2040 bytes)for all

of us.  xballBOY.gif (2040 bytes)In the Philippines,

we have such a looong xballBOY.gif (2040 bytes)Christmas

season. xballBOY.gif (2040 bytes)By October, stores resonate

with Christmas carols.  After xballBOY.gif (2040 bytes)November 1,

All Saint's Day, the xballBOY.gif (2040 bytes)trees, shiny ornaments,

xballBOY.gif (2040 bytes)nativity scenes, etc. deck the xballBOY.gif (2040 bytes)storefronts.  Ever

since we started xballBOY.gif (2040 bytes)our family business in 1967, xballBOY.gif (2040 bytes)the Christmas

season has

been a busy time

for our family.

I remember not only wrapping gifts

at the store but also MAKING things to

sell before going to the store...

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We have to make a doubly conscious effort not to think of Christmas

as the time of year when we just exchange gifts and get harassed

with making gift lists and sending cards or newsletters!

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Last year, I made a nativity calendar for Josh.  Every morning when

Josh would wake up we'd invert a little picture on the calendar

and I would read a bible story.  My calendar was very simple-

I'll try to put a picture of it here before the season is over!

I put a nativity scene on top, then stepping stones (24) all the way to it.

For each stepping stone, I taped a stepping stone with a drawing at the back.

The drawing was a symbol of a bible character... an ark, a whale, a trumpet, etc.

So as the days went by, our stepping stones would change from just a stone to

a symbol.  Sometimes, we would review the stories. 

It was like a sort of timeline of the Bible. 

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We also had an Advent Wreath last year and did all the prayers

and singing with Josh.  When Josh brought home a school made

Advent Wreath (out of paper). we used that too!

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For our Christmas tree, I made picture frame ornaments and put

pictures of Christmas past and other memorable occasions. 

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Read about What is a Holy Year and the Jubilee Year.

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Something I want to Josh to make this year, since he's already old enough, are

banners which I'll put around the house.

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Thank you for becoming a man like us, Jesus.   Because of this we can

become more like you day by day and come live with with you in your kingdom!

The gifts we give each Christmas are but a reminder of Your precious gift!



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