Birdwatching in Candaba, March 6, 2005

Common Kingfisher

I've recently got into birdwatching and I've found it quite fascinating!  Here are some of the pictures of birds we saw (out of 40 species!)  I only used a digital camera inserted into a scope and I was truly amazed I was able to get some pictures to post on the web.

Birdwatchers in Candaba (one of them is my husband, and the one

on the far right is Jon Hornbuckle.)

Blue tailed Bee Eater (a shy one, didn't face the camera!)

Here's a list of what we saw on our trip:

1.      Blue-tailed Bee Eater

2.      Yellow Bittern

3.      Yellow Vented Bulbul

4.      Pied Buschat

5.      Zitting Cisticola

6.      Eurasian Coot

7.      Lesser Coucal

8.      Spotted Dove

9.      Zebra Dove

10.  Tufted Duck

11.  Cattle Egret

12.  Great Egret

13.  Pied Fantail

14.  Gargeney

15.  Striated Grass Bird

16.  Little Grebe (in breeding plumage)

17.  Eastern Marsh Harrier

18.  Grey Heron

19.  Black Crowned Night Heron

20.  Purple Heron

21.  Pheasant-Tailed Jacana

22.  Common Kingfisher

23.  White-collared Kingfisher

24.  Philippine Mallard

25.  Common Moorhen

26.  Chestnut Munia

27.  Oriental Pratincole

28.  Common Sandpiper

29.  Wood Sandpiper

30.  Northern Shoveler

31.  Brown Shrike

32.  Long -Tailed Shrike

33.  Eurasian Tree Sparrow

34.  Long-toed Stint

35.  Barn Swallow

36.  Pacific Swallow

37.  Green-Winged Teal

38.  Whiskered Tern


Little Grebe

Yellow Bittern

Great Egret

Purple Heron

Spotted Dove


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