Here's a story about God's guidance.  It also shows how God has a

sense of humor!!



Most people I know have fears. Some small, some big, but fears,

nonetheless. Fear of heights (acrophobia), fear of dirty eyeglasses (Ican'

tseeaphobia), fear of flying, fear of confined spaces (claustrophobia), fear

of crowds (massaphobia, I believe it is called). Oh well, the list goes on

and on...and since I have listaphobia, I won't continue.

Well, one of my phobias was driving in high traffic areas (I'

mgonnagetkilledaphobia). I found it particularly difficult to handle the 6

lane highways near the mall. So, you must realize just how horrifically

crippling this must be for a woman! I found it especially frightening to

get into that far lane to make left-hand whizzing by on the

right of me. Oncoming traffic bearing down on me at a frenetic speed! It

was a kind of claustrophobic feeling, confined in a small area, not able to

get out at will.

Well, it was one of those rare occasions when I couldn't pawn the

needed errands off on any family member, employee or friend. I had to get

to the flooring store to make a final decision on the tile for our business

restoration project. Deadlines and opening dates were imminent. No

choice, no delaying, no procrastinating. I desperately prayed for a way

out...nothing! This had to be done.

I set out on the 20 minute journey feeling shaky and a little nauseous

but, challenged! The first 10 minutes were relatively easy, just talking

to God, blasting the radio...tooling along, then, out of nowhere, the road

widened - like the mouth of a mutant killer whale, opening wide to swallow

me up! Lanes were everywhere - lanes for straight-ahead, left turn only

lanes, left or straight-ahead lanes, right or straight-ahead lanes.


The giant, jagged fangs of traffic, darting in and out, threatened to

undo me. At this point, I yelled out   "Okay, God, this time I really need

you!"   I was in the right turn only lane and over the next few minutes 3

lanes had to be conquered! The petrifying process was about to start. A

quick look to the left, I move, another glance and another move -over is

accomplished, one more lane to maneuver. I check my mirrors one more time

and take the plunge! All this hard work just to reach the worst lane of

all. The slow, sit-there and do nothing lane of poor victims awaiting the

mercy of kind oncomers when there is no green arrow light. Stuck there with

no way out!

By this time my palms are sweaty, my heart is pounding, my knees are

weak. I beg... "God, pleeeeeease, help me make the left?"    I turn on the

left blinker, look to the side and glance in the rear view mirror. I know

the time has come. Take the leap or be chewed up by the 3 rows of sharks

swimming along side of me.

I begin to move over.... sneaking my way into that dreaded left turning

lane. Just then I look up, right ahead of me, another car is moving over

slowly to the left. My eye catches a bright yellow bumper sticker...


I blink, look at it once again, and in a flash, I know that God is here and

he does care about all the

little fears that we have to face! Even the left-hand turns! And, I

giggle to myself  " God uses bumper stickers!"    How funny is that?

by Nancy Jo Eckerson

Send Nancy an email and let her know what you thought of her story!


Nancy Jo Eckerson is from the Western New York area. She has had two

careers in her illustrious past :-)...foreign language teacher (Spanish and

Italian) and restaurant owner, and at the tender age of 48 is beginning a

whole new She is the mother of two grown kids....a daughter,

22 and a son,20.


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Thank you Lord for guiding us in all sorts of ways!  You're there with us in our trials, our harassing moments, our fears big and small.  You're with us when we fumble, when we're sure of ourselves, when we're not.  Thank you for being our light in the darkness, our truth in the midst of lies, our salvation!


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